Latest Reveal: Elden Ring 2 Is Probably Coming and What We Can Expect

By Shirley Huang2023-08-23

While we are waiting for the massive Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, all things have gone quiet on Elden Ring, but FromSoftware is still looking at the franchise's future. No one believes "Elden Ring" will be the final word. Hidetaka Miyazaki might've just confirmed Elden Ring 2.


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Obviously, this is no authority affirmation that Elden Ring 2 is coming. However, its high critical and business achievement ought to essentially ensure that. However, additionally valuable as a top priority, saving Elden Ring legend for "future games" wouldn't seem to be remembered for its different properties, although some have conjectured that FromSoftware titles might be associated here and there.


When Will Elden Ring 2 Come?

Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022, and sold 20 million copies in its first year of release, making it the most successful Souls/FromSoftware game launch of all time.


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FromSoftware is hiring developers for "several new projects, " including Elden Ring 2, Armored Core, or something else.


At the moment, we haven't heard any news on an Elden Ring 2 yet. This is probably because of how new the game is still. As we're to see more Elden Ring content later this year, we can only hope to get more features that will enhance and improve the game.


What Can We Expect in Elden Ring 2?

More Quality-of-Life Multiplayer Features

Most importantly, it would be cool to have an element that sees different levels of multiplayer movement (center, duels, and intrusions) occurring across various guide regions. This would help players to not sit for such a long time just to sit tight for center players.


Another multiplayer highlight that can be added is extending the restrictions of summoning other players. At present, neither host nor brought can assist with utilizing their mounts, which limits the center to the prompt region. In addition, no one in the center can enter separate regions. Limitations like these log jam the game's speed and movement.


More Unique Weapons and Spell Types

You know that Elden Ring is built in a medieval and fantastical world for certain fundamental archaic weapons. As there are two or three extraordinarily made weapons that are made for the actual game, you can never have excessively, truly. There are some weapons, for example, Coil Shield and the Ringed Finger, yet to more readily extend the world's legend. Maybe FromSoftware can fiddle more with weapon plans to cause Elden Ring's program of devices to be more exceptional, captivating, and, obviously, game-evolving.


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An Abundant Source of Mana

In an open-world game, running out of mana can be very disappointing as you would need to over and over get back to merchants or regions that will assist you with renewing your mana. Mana ought to be in an ideal situation as a regenerative element or be a component that is more straightforward to restore. One more answer for this can likewise be having craftable consumables that restore mana.


Enhancements in PC Porting

Finally is further developed PC porting. As most players know, FromSoftware's set of experiences with PC ports hasn't been incredible. There were two or three execution gives that accompanied the PC discharge, for example, screen tearing, unsound edge rates, imperceptible foes, and various accidents.


In spite of Elden Ring being more steady on PC after a couple of fixes, FromSoftware's future game deliveries ought to dispense sufficient time for legitimate PC porting. Like that, players can have a superior encounter and even permit the game to be advanced further, particularly for PC gamers.


A New Region or Continent

A new region or continent in the same universe as Elden Ring, with different cultures, landscapes, and Outer Gods to explore. This would allow for more variety and creativity in the world of design and lore, as well as new gameplay mechanics and challenges. Some fans have suggested the Badlands, a desert-like area mentioned in Elden Ring's lore, as a potential setting.


Time Travel or Alternate Reality Element

The time travel or alternate reality element, similar to Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne, would allow players to revisit or change some events or locations from Elden Ring. This would create more replay value and branching paths, as well as more opportunities for fan theories and speculation.

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