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Elden Ring Guide: New DLC Release Date, Rumors, and Visions

In this article, we will cover everything about the upcoming Elden Ring DLC. When it will come, and what the fans wish for in this DLC.


Elden Ring DLC-1


Elden Ring is FromSoftware's most recent action role-playing game and is probably their biggest success. Almost all games from FromSoftware came with some kind of expansion months after their initial release, including Artorias of the Abyss for Dark Souls, Crown of the Sunken King for Dark Souls 2, Ashes of Ariandel for Darks Souls 3, and The Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne. That being said, we can reasonably expect at least one significant update for Elden Ring based on all the information we have so far.


Interview with Miyazaki

In a recent interview, Miyazaki discussed the popularity of Elden Ring among its new admirers and the game's potential future. So, if you are interested, you can go to the 4Gamer's website to read the entire interview. In this interview, which was published in late July, Miyazaki expresses his gratitude for the many players who have played Elden Ring, not including the old fans, and that he was really surprised about it. 4Gamers asked what would happen to Elden Ring's development in the future, and Miyazaki responded that the updates for Elden Ring would continue. This was a crucial part of the conversation for us. He also highlighted a few more ongoing projects, but he declined to discuss them at this time.


When Will the DLC Come?

We may not know when it's coming, but as we mentioned above, the majority of FromSoftware's games received their DLCs only months after the initial release, so based on their track record, Elden Ring could receive its expansion between 6 and 12 months after the release, which could be at the end of this year. But until then, you can prepare for this DLC and make your character even stronger.


Hints and Rumors


PvP Boss Battles


Elden Ring DLC-2


According to some rumors, Elden Ring's first DLC could be a PvP-focused expansion, likely taking place in the Caelid Colosseum. This Colosseum is guarded by the Great Jar in the base game, who would give you a talisman if you killed three NPC in front of him. This enormous building looks beautiful, but currently, there is no method to approach it right now. Such a venue would be ideal for a PvP-oriented DLC. And why is this rumor important? Well, as some of you already know, PvP boss battles are a very liked feature in Souls games. The fact that you could actually control the Boss is amazing. It's important to remember that Dark Souls 3 featured a PvP boss battle in its last DLC, so as a result, the likelihood that this feature will arrive in the Elden Ring DLC is very high.


Monk Jiko (Cut content)

It seems that Elden Ring originally included items and quests that were about discovering NPCs' dreams. Using Elden Ring's network test version from 2021, Lance McDonald, a well-known data-miner who has previously disclosed secrets in Demon's Souls and Bloodborne, investigated this mechanic. Monk Jiko was a distinctive animated character who asked the players to bring him the Dream Mist, an item obtained from some NPCs' dreams, but sadly he wasn't included in the final game. We believe that this content was maybe "saved" for the DLC because it has a lot of potentials. The player would be able to battle actual nightmares in addition to the other horrors that lurk in the Lands Between. This cut-content could open up creative possibilities and ideas.


What Do the Fans Want?

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Meet the Bosses Again

Reflections of Strength is one of my favorite features of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a game from FromSoftware that came before Elden Ring. Reflections of Strength, in its simplest form, is a game mode that enables players to challenge previously defeated bosses for a rematch, an option missing from games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Beating a particularly difficult Boss multiple times helps players to get better with the mechanics of Elden Ring, particularly timing and movements in attack and defense. Additionally, you can see what Elden Ring Items are necessary to upgrade your character and make him stronger and ready for the Boss fight.


Additional Customisation

Fans would love to see additional customization possibilities in the new Elden Ring DLC.  On the one hand, the ability to customize our armor and weaponry would be amazing, but on the other hand, the fans would also adore the ability to design their own Ashes of War.


New Areas


Elden Ring DLC-3


It would surely be enjoyable to see a new area with FromSoftware's distinctive level design. Previous FromSoftware DLCs added new places that were frequently cut off from the main map and required players to teleport to that destination. That might still be the case in Elden Ring, but given how wonderfully the studio has already crafted the environment, it would be a shame to stop there.


For example, the Erdtree was a huge place that we couldn't fully explore. What if, though, there was more to the Erdtree? The top of the tree or even different floors could both be large enough to accommodate a new dungeon. In the Lands Between, there are also a lot of underground areas, so could FromSoftware uncover some new tunnels that connect to additional undiscovered underground cities? We will see.


The Mysteries About Miquella


Elden Ring DLC-4


At Mohgwyn Palace, Miquella the Unalloyed still resides in a festering cocoon and is never seen in her entirety. According to the lore, Miquella built the Haligtree to treat his sister Malenia's illness as well as his own. The twins were both cursed as Empyreans, creatures born of a single god. But before he could find a cure, Mohg, the Lord of Blood, who is one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, abducted him. Mohg wanted to become Miquella's consort, and he wanted to help her become a god.


This is an unsolved mystery that could be included in the DLC because it was weird that such a significant character is barely shown in the main game. Some of Elden Ring's dialogues suggest that Miquella is the same character as St. Trina, a figure connected to the sleeping status effect. Miquella not responding to Mohg could be explained if he is experiencing his own dream, and it also raises the possibility of further developments in the story.


Therefore, we might be taken inside Miquella's dream realm for a dramatic clash with the Empyrean. The fact that we can access Fia, the Deathbed Companion, suggests that there could be more dream worlds added in the new DLC.


Customization for Torrent

Torrent is your devoted ethereal horse in Elden Ring. He is your powerful ally in the early stages of the game. Fans would love to have the opportunity to upgrade, equip armor, or even apply decorations to Torrent. How cool would that be? Additionally, it would be great to make Torrent a little bit stronger and more "useful" towards the end of the game. As several rumors claim, there was a rear kick attack for Torrent, but it was cut out from the original game. This would really make Torrent a proper Warhorse.


Drop Rates for Weapons/Armor

There are some great armor sets that you can obtain from wandering enemies, but with a very low drop chance percentage. For instance, Noble sorcerers have a low chance to drop the Aristocrats armor set. Therefore, it would be great if there was a built-in system that rewarded you with one piece of gear from that armor set at every "x" number of kills. Another example would be, in the Windmill Village, you can get the Festive set and the Blue Festive set from the dancing ladies, but sadly you don't know if you will receive them right away or only after hours and hours of grinding. So, if they could somehow add this feature in the new DLC, many fans would be satisfied.


An Additional Hard Mode

FromSoftware has done this feature before, for instance, the Company of Champions in Dark Souls, but that would also require a new game plus option. This feature gives the game an optional hard mode, which would be a lot of fun, but in all fairness, not for all players, only for the try-harders.


There are a variety of ways to add that optional hard mode to Elden Ring, and they could also include a prize or trophy for anyone who completes the game in that hard mode. Wouldn't that be awesome?




Elden Ring DLC-5


There were also several leaks and hints for the upcoming Elden Ring DLC on Steam and the official Twitter account. For instance, the picture above was carefully examined by the fans. They believe that this is a strong hint regarding the new DLC.


In all fairness, a game with these proportions simply needs a DLC to make the game even more awesome. We hope that we were able to give you some fresh information about the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, which we firmly believe will be released, maybe towards the end of this year.


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