• Why Not Take an Adventure with Submarines in ArcheAge?
    By John Ryan2015-07-31 00:00:00

    archeage submarines

    Hot summer is coming. It’s time to take an adventure in submarine world of ArcheAge now. Time marches onward in Erenor, and the machinists of war welcome an incredible innovation to the winding waterways of the world: Submarines. Players will have an exciting adventure to dive into unknown deep seas of Dahuta with new submersibles. According to ArcheAge official, Submarines are available from July 21.


    What and how many slots do Submarines support?

    Accordingly there are three equipment slots for Submarines. Slot of head, slot of waist, and slot of feet. In ArcheAge, class of Machinists who are with proficiency at or over 20,000 have opportunity to craft the below equipment slots of Submarines.


    Equipment of Head:

    l  Sonar has scanning capability for the ships passed by, but the target should be in short-mid range.

    l  Air Cannon is known as fires a blast of compressed air to knockback close range opponents.


    Equipment of Waist:

    l  Oxygen Tank is an equipment which allows players to refill their breath bar while underneath the water.

    l  Torpedo Cannon allow players to use three steel ammo to launch a torpedo at a ship at red sea.



    l  Burst Engine: a short duration and medium cooldown speed of burst ability.

    l  Reinforced Tail: it provides a consistent and passive speed increase abilities.

    l  Giant Tailfin: Giant Tailfin has the same function as the equipment of Reinforced Tail. Giant Tailfin also can provide an enhanced and increase passive speed.


    Few matters need to attention when using Submarines:

    1.       When players switch to combat mode, Submarines will subject to normal mount rules, which means players will have a hard time being convinced to purple up ad kill opponents from the same faction.

    2.       Submarines speed also can be increased by Songggcraft’s Quickstep as all other mounts in ArcheAge.

    3.       When players being fully submersible, Submarines are perfect choices for taking players diving into deep seas to explore submarine world in ArcheAge, and delivering wicked surprises to opposing vessels.


    In addition, SOS Lifeguard Event is also available in the meantime with Submarines in ArcheAge.




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