• The Features of Diamond Shores: The New Aurorian Zone in ArcheAge
    By John Ryan2015-03-02 00:00:00

    Contest of Auroria was launched in archeage version 1.2 build 4.15, before this new Aurorian zone Diamond Shores, there are six Aurorian territories in all. Diamond Shores is a new mid-sized zone located in west-central Auroria whose southern coastline provides access to the Aurorian Gulf and Arcadian Sea. It’s a unique landscape and smaller in size than the other six Aurorian territories.

    You must be interested in this new mysterious zone and curious about how it is coming, the following info may help you.

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    • It’s the resting place of the legendary Ayanad Library, which is filled with suffering and war.

    • A magical catastrophe saturated the area with deadly energy, killing many of its inhabitants and turning large swaths of the region into the brilliant glass for which it is named.

    • Three distinct groups have controlled the region: the priests of Nui’s Shield, the Ayanad Disciples and the soldiers of the Crimson Watch.

    • The western steppes of Diamond Shores are a perfect spot for travelers to establish a new place of residence. Land here is some of the most valuable in the north because no local lord rules over it. This means the tax rates for player houses in Diamond Shores are influenced only by the amount of plots a player owns.

    • You can reach this new zone by Sea or by travelling through a Red World Gate located in main cities.

    • Creatures in Sungold Fields, Exeloch and several other zones will undergo a level increase to level 51-53 and will also share some item drops with creatures from Diamond Shores. Daily quests have been added to aid adventurers in their journey to reach level 55.

    • PvP combat will be enabled throughout the zone, at the meantime, open-world PvP is encouraged and supported.

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