• New Marketplace Update & ArcheAge Blue Salt Festival Event
    By John Ryan2015-08-24 00:00:00


    A bunch of new items items have updated in marketplace of ArcheAge. Let’s see what are these new hot items are in the following assay. What’s more, the Blue Salt Festival has came to Sanddeep. All the ArcheAge players, are you guys ready for the beach party?


    The Blue Salt Festival party location: Sanddeep

    How to take part in the party of the Blue Salt Festival?

    l  Players who would like to join the party have to visit a Blue Salt Brotherhood rep. first.

    l  Players can find this rep. at the Ezna, the Ezi’s Light in Austera, or Diamond Shores.


    What prize players can get from this festival?

    l  A special empty frame of Blue Salt Festival.

    l  A Cogwheel Longboard. But please be aware of that it is not tradable item and it will expired in 14 days.

    l  Summer Festival Coin Stand.

    l  Thunder Dash. Same as Cogwheel longboard, this item it non-tradable and will expired in 14 days.

    l  A Greenman Plushie Pet.

    l  Timber Coupe. Also non-tradable item and out of date in 14 days.

    l  Enoan Galleon. Non-tradable, customization locked, and expires in 14 days.


    New Marketplace Items

       l  Red Regrade Charm: Available until 3rd, SEP and worth for 2,000 Credits. Please be aware that Red Regrade Charm comes in a bundle of two actually. It’s time to stock some ArcheAge gold for these amazing items.

    l  Moreover, the upgraded edition of Red Regrade Charm Superior Red Regrade Charm will come to ArcheAge marketplace in the meantime on 3rd, SEP. It worth 4,000 Credits and comes in a bundle of two too.

    l  Jumbo Steamgoggle Daru Plushie: Available for 500 Credits.

    l  Massive Snowlion Plushie Bundle: Bulk price for 1,560 Credits.

    Massive Sandmane Snowlion Plushie: 650 Credits.

    Massive Snowmane Snowlion Plushie: 650 Credits.

    Massive Coalmane Snowlion Plushie: 650 Credits.


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