• How to Make Your House More Fancy in ArcheAge New Patch of Heroes Awaken?
    By John Ryan2015-09-16 00:00:00

    archeage house 2.0

    In the upcoming new patch 2.0 of ArcheAge, it is absolutely a big gift for all of the craftsmen who learning crafting skills can make their own properties into paradise. That means craftsmen can update their houses and make their houses fancier in new update patch 2.0.



    Players who own farmhouses can update their original farmhouses into three types in total in ArcheAge, and they are Farmhouse for Harvester, Rancher, and Miner.


    Harvester’s Farmhouse

    l  Harvester’s farmhouse holds 3 planting boxes in player’s basement.

    l  3 planting boxes can hold up to 50 small-sized plants in total.

    l  In order to make gardening faster, the boxes in Harvester’s farmhouse can be mass-planted and mass-farmed.


    Rancher’s Farmhouse

    l  Rancher’s farmhouse is for the players who are looking for livestock.

    l  The farmhouse not only features 2 planting boxes, but also possesses a livestock pen for holding multiple animals.

    l  Please be aware that animal types must be the same, and the number that players can hold varies with animal’s size. For example, players can hold 10 cows, or 30 chickens, but not 5 cows and 20 chickens.


    Miner’s Farmhouse

    l  Miner’s farmhouse can hold 2 planting boxes, and it is equipped with a mining drill which allows players to collect ore and stone.

    l  A multipurpose Trimmer is also updated in Miner’s farmhouse.

    l  There are 4 locations produce crops randomly on the farmhouse, including some very rare plants like clubhead fungus and vanilla.

    l  Miner’s farmhouse also has a Task Jar which provides 2 quests that can make players to be rewarded with  ArcheAge gold and Gilda Stars. (Check the article “Exclusive ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide One” to learn how to make gold through the way of Gilda Stars.)


    Townhouses, Manors, Villas and Chalets

    Players who own Townhouses, Manors, Villas and Chalets can update them into below types of houses.


    l  The Armorer’s Home: this type of house can possess an Equipment Designer’s Workbench which can be used to craft accessories, armor and weapons.

    l  The Apothecary’s Home: it possesses the Supply Manufacturer’s Workbench which allows players to craft high-level potions, drinks, etc.

    l  The Tradesman’s Home: this type of house can hold a Clan Specialty Workbench which produces a new kind of tradepack, but it depends on which zones it is placed in.


    How to get these fancy houses in ArcheAge?

    l  First players need to have one of those basic houses listed above. Such as farmhouse, townhouse, villa, etc.

    l  Open house’s main menu and select the “Upgrade” button.

    l  It will require additional taxes, construction materials, and Enchanted Blueprints for the players who would like to update their basic houses.

    l  Players are allowed to edit and rotate houses in the process of updating. But players should remember that all of the furniture and décor of basic houses should be removed firstly, otherwise they may disappear from Erenor.

    l  House updating is just one part of patch 2.0, for other highlights, please view the article “10 Things You Should Know about New ArcheAge Update 2.0: Heroes Awaken”.


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