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Get 3% Discount on ArcheAge Gold and Experience New Update 2.0 of Heroes Awaken

John Ryan August 21st, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

archeage heroes awaken

“When you hear the clap of thunder and feel the howling winds of change, do you sky away from the storm or will you rise a hero and lead your people through to a new dawn?”


New update 2.0 of Heroes Awaken has just came into ArcheAge. In Heroes Awaken, Players can have the chance to be leaders in their faction: Haranya, Nuia, or Pirate. According to the information from ArcheAge official forum, those players who are selected and become Heroes can be able to activate faction-wide quests and mobilize their followers into wide-scale warfare in condition of that those players must obtain the respect and admiration of their peers.


The things players need to know of Heros Awaken in this brand new update 2.0?

l  In order to be selected as a Hero, players need to earn enough Leadership Points and rise their fame and reputation within the candidacy period of 3 weeks.

l  Every player can participate in this activity. And about voting conditions, players must be at least level 30 and with at least 50 Leadership Points in hand can cast one vote for a candidate of their faction.

l  20 players who are with the most Leadership Points will be selected as Heroes in the end.

l  Three ways to get Leadership Points which are

1.     Taking part in Open World PVP.

2.     Participating in party and raid quests.

3.     Obtaining Reputation from peers.


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