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Enjoy November’s New Login Tracker Rewards in ArcheAge

John Ryan November 18th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

archeage login reward

November for the gamers of ArcheAge is just a wonderful month with so many theme parties and festival  activities. People who join the game of ArcheAge in November will have big chances to claim the fancy upcoming Golem mount called the Andelph Patrol Mech.


How to get the rewards?

1.        Every day when logging into the game (not just for the initial time), players should fristly pull up the event calender in the bottom right hand corner and then open up the Login Tracker tab.

2.        Clicking the offficial Login Tracker button will count each player’s attendance for the day, and a sweet gift will be offered to player as well.

In additon, every ArcheAge player will obtain a crate of random Archeum Shards every day in the month of November such as Moonlight, Sunlight and Starlight Shards. Trust me, there’s literally something for every player who attends in this activity. November is just an amazing month for ArcheAge players, isn’t it?


More information about the first step of getting Golem Mount:

l  Need players to log in and check in for 21 days in this month.

l  The first step for earning the Mech Mount is to collect Login Badge.

l  Earn 4 Login Badges to be one of the first to ride this powerful, laser-wielding mount. So try to earn more rewards by logging in often in this month. For example, 14 Cumulative Logins can change for 14 Merit Badges, and 7 Cumulative Logins equal to Bound Worker’s Compensation Potion:1000.


In the following of the essay, we would like to show some winners’ delight works from screenshot contest of this year. Click the article “Win Black Tiger Mount for Taking Part in ArcheAge’s Hallowtide Screenshot Contest” for more information about the contest. For the players who are interested in the screenshot works can also check all of the photos from Archeage official webpage. Click here to see more fancy and delight photos.






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