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Celestial Kitsu Mount Debuts in ArcheAge World

John Ryan September 29th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


A marvelous ArcheAge mount, The Celestial Kitsu, is available in Marketplace this week. This mysterious creature is a fox with nine tails, which is actually a image from ancient Chinese Mythology. This nine-tailed creature not only be used in the game of ArcheAge but also be used in dramas and other games like the champion Ahri in League of Legends. Trion World describes it as “The Celestial Kitsu mount is ready to run headlong into palace or battlefield with a flowing, glowing set of tails, bushy red fur, and agility that few can match.”


The skills of the Celestial Kitsu:

l  Health Regen: The pet must have at least level of 20 to obtain this skill, and this skill can heal pet’s health.

l  Overrun: The pet must have at least level of 15 to obtain this skill. Triggers a charge that can make a distant enemy stunning. But there is one thing players need to know that it doesn’t work while carrying a trade pack.

l  Power Dash: The pet must have at least level of 30 to obtain this skill. Increases Move Speed for a set amount of time, and then gradually decreases it. It is the same as the skill of Health Regen that it doesn’t work while carrying a trade pack.  

l  Protective Dash: The pet must have at least level of 50 to obtain this skill. Triggers a forward charge and invincibility for a brief period of time. Also it cannot be used while carrying a trade pack.


In new marketplace, not only is the new mount debuted, but also debut some fancy armor for the Celestial Kitsu. Players who intend to update armor for their character or pet can purchase some ArcheAge gold for the new adventure with their new pet. If players who are worried that their character’s level is too low, here Mmogah also provides ArcheAge power leveling service to these people.


Nine-Tailed Archeum Supply Crate & Each Armor Pieces’ Prices:

Nine-Tailed Archeum Supply Crate costs 490 Credits. For players who are lucky that the box gives you the mount of Celestial Kitsu, and it will grant you the armor as well, so that you do not need to waste much time to open other more boxes to collect the armor for Celestial Kitsu. Please be aware that the armor pieces are only for the mount of Celestial Kitsu, but not for other Kitsu pets. See the information of each armor piece and their prices.



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