• ArcheAge Unchained Farmhand System Guide
    By Anna2021-07-02 00:00:00

    If you play archeage unchained, then you may know that the Farmhand System is very important to the game. Today, MmoGah would like to share with you how to gain access to your farmhand menu as well as how to set up your farmhand system.


    Gain Access To Your Farmhand Menu

    For the farmhand system, your character will need to have a home built already. You'll need to walk up to the nameplate and press "h" to activate the farmhand, and you'll also need to have 20 tax certificates in your inventory, and you cannot mix and match the bound ones in the unbound ones.


    Archeage Unchained Bound Ones


    So this is the default farmhand that you will get upon activating it.


    archeage unchained farmhand


    To access the farmhand menu, you'll need to be on your house plot and press shift "h". Then you can change the farmhand's name, and as you can see, the farmhand takes vigor points. You can transfer the first initial amount two times, and then you can replenish this through the marketplace. The farmhand also takes labor which shares with your character, so I gave it 500, and it took 500 labor points from myself.


    farmhand's Name, Vigor Points, Labor


    These are the level benefits.


    Archeage UNchained Level Benefits


    As you level the farmhand up by just using them, you can add more benefits to them as a whole, and once they reach level 10, they will unlock more tasks that can be completed at once.


    Here is where you can purchase the bigger replenishment treats. Vitalizing treat is under diligence and housing. It's 15 diligence, but you only get 3 of them.  


    Archeage Unchained Marketplace



    And one of the treats restores one thousand vigor. So each day, you can purchase one and max out the vigor on the farmhand.


    Also, there is a free customization powerstone pet in the gifts menu, and you just need to put it in your inventory, reopen the farmhand menu, and in the bottom portion, you'll see a mirror. You'll just need to right click on it, confirm, and you can see we now have the ferry. You can do this with any powerstone pet that you own.


    Archeage Unchained Free Customization Powerstone Pet


    The farmhand can also be equipped with equipment that you can purchase from the marketplace. There are the individual packs as well as the larger pack for a little over 8,000 credits that will give you all of them.


    Archeage Unchained Pack


    Set Up The Farm

    To set up the farm, you will need to hit the select farm option first, and then it'll bring you to this menu.


    Archeage Unchained Select Farm Option


    Then you can see it gives us the option to put that in there.


    Archeage Unchained Gives us the Option


    Then hit confirm, and you will now be able to assign a task. So the farmhand can do livestock, trees, seeds. It just kind of depends on what you want your farmhand to focus on. For this one, I'm just going to give them a bunch of my trees, and then at the bottom, we can set the quantity. I want one tree, so I'm going to max this out, tell it to start, and then it will tell you how long it will take in order for it to finish. Once that's done, you'll be able to trade the farmhand for the materials and kind of start the process all over again.


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