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ArcheAge Brand New Awakening Packs Highlights

John Ryan September 18th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

archeage awakenning packs

As the new patch 2.0 launched on 12th of September, the brand new Awakening Packs are available now in ArcheAge. In order to strongly enhance ArcheAge experience for all of the subscribers, Trion World makes these packs with exclusive pack perks and attractive bonuses, and the most out of journeys with the new Eternal Awakening Pack, which comes jam-packed with rare and unique items. For players who would like to stock some safe ArcheAge gold to gear up their characters, Mmogah would be your reliable and legit ArcheAge gold seller.


According to the contents from ArcheAge official forum, there are four exclusive new packs in total which are Archeum-Awakening Pack, Eternal Awakening Pack, Gold Awakening Pack and Silver Awakening Pack.


Basic information and contents of Archeum Awakening Pack:

l  90 days of Patron status in total of this pack

l  Onyx Steamfish Submarine

l  Inquisitor’s Robes costume

l  Permanent personal Post Owl

l  A ton more in-game perks

l  The world of Erenor


Eternal Awakening Pack:

l  Different from Archeum Awakening Pack, there are 120 days of Patron Status in Eternal Awakening Pack.

l  Explore Erenor with players’ own Marauder’s Glider. The unique glider can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings.

l  Permanent Personal Post Parrot

l  Same as Archeum Awakening Pack, it also has Onyx Seamfish Submarine and Inquisitor’s Robes costume.


Gold Awakening Pack:

l  60 days of Patron Status in total

l  A Pirate Plushie Pet

l  A Permanent Personal Post Owl

l  A bounty of other exclusive in-game perks


Silver Awakening Pack:

l  30 days of Patron status

l  Granting players with 1000 Credits, and many other awesome bonuses as well in this pack.


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