Some Items We Wish to Be Added in Animal Crossing New Horizons

By Anna2021-07-23

Today we're going to be taking a look at some amazing items you may like on Pocket Camp but can't get on Animal Crossing New Horizons now. And we sincerely hope they'll make these items into Animal Crossing New Horizons in a future update. If you are interested, you can follow MmoGah to see if you like them, or have wished one of them, or two to be added too, and share some of your favorites in the comment section down below.


Number One

I believe it was added sometime in the summer. I can't remember if villagers can interact with this one or not, but I love it. We don't have any really big car items like this in the game. We have the Pumpkin Carriage, I believe, but aside from that, we don't have any. So this is the one that I would love to see. I think this would be perfect in a summer update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. But this isn't going to be the only summer item you see on this list.


Animal Crossing Summer Convertible Car


Number Two

This is one of Pocket Camp's many amazing sorts of Cafe Bistro-Type items. This one is cool. I love the green theming of it, just the dark wood and the green themes. There are a lot of different ones that come in this little cafe set, but this is the one that I particularly really like. There are so many glass screens in Pocket Camp, and I wish we had some of those in New Horizons. Villagers could look through them, and it would be perfect for people who make lots of houses and stuff in the game because in this game, you kind of have to use the little cutout displays, and then also the simple panels, but in Pocket Camp, you don't have to do that because you've got all of these different building types and exteriors and parts that you can make your own buildings with. So if we got some of those in Animal Crossing New Horizons, I would be very happy.


Animal Crossing Cafe Bistro Type Items


Number Three

A lot of people are going to want this one, and it's kind of good and bad in some ways. I love Brewster's Little Winter Cafe Display, and this would be a great item to get in Animal Crossing New Horizons, not just because it would add Brewster, but just a little cafe display like this would be super cute around your island. The only thing that I don't like about this and a lot of the sort of character items in Pocket Camp is that it makes these characters feel a bit like a prop rather than an actual character who is alive. I'm not too huge on that, but I love the aesthetics of them and the fact that you can interact with Brewster, and he'll give you a coffee. So if they could do something like that but maybe a bit better in New Horizons, I would love to see this item.


Animal Crossing Brewster's Little Winter Cafe Display


Number Four

It's one of the beach huts, and I believe there are a few others, but this one is great. It's just so summery and your villagers can lay on these little beds. With such a sort of summer beachy kind of theme that always feels very present in New Horizons since we live on an island surrounded by an ocean, it does make you want more summery items. I hope they'll add something like this in the future. I do think there's a possibility to see lots of items like this come to Animal Crossing New Horizons because we have seen some pretty good ones, and we've seen some ideas come from Pocket Camp, so it could be possible.


Animal Crossing Beach Huts


Number Five

I love this little hot dog truck. I believe there's some good interactivity with this one. Just imagine setting up your little place where your villagers can buy hot dogs and different food treats. It would be so cute. I've seen lots of people make stuff like this on their islands, and I've seen people make camper trucks using the little custom displays and stuff like that, but having an actual item like this would make that process look so much easier, and it would just look so great in the game. So we can only hope that we will get some bigger cool items like this one in the future.


Animal Crossing Hot Dog Truck


Number Six

This is another big sort of vehicle item on this list. It is like a little piece of a train. Being able to make your train in the game would be fantastic, and seeing your villagers inside of it would be even better. It would be cool to have one at the front kind of conducting, and then some would be sitting in it. And you could maybe have different train parts that can be put together to make the train as big or as small as you can. This one is just so cool, and obviously, it's not going to be able to move around your island. It will stay where it is like all the other vehicles in the game. You're not going to suddenly get grand theft auto in Animal Crossing, though. That would be hilarious. But just the way they look, and the possible interactions you could have with these items would be so good, and it would add a new dynamic to some of the items into New Horizons.


Animal Crossing Vehicle Item


Number Seven

I love gazebos in real life. It's relaxing, and I think this gazebo is a perfect example of a great one that I'd love to see come to Animal Crossing New Horizons. I've seen lots of people with island themes that would match this well, such as the blue hydrangea bushes and blue roses. So this would be a fantastic one, and it'd be one I'd love to see them add.


Animal Crossing Gazebos


Number Eight

This one would be so fun for the indoors. This is kind of a cinema screen, and you could watch stuff with your villagers on it, which would be super cute. Imagine just sitting down with your villagers in front of this - your villagers and you use a little sit-down reaction and are just watching some fun little shows with your most beloved villagers. The idea of that is so great. I'd love to see a little outdoor cinema as well, like the old ones they had with, the little drive-throughs, for example.


Animal Crossing Cinema Screen


Number Nine

This one is great. It's a little camping set. There's so much here, and your villagers can sit in the different parts of it and relax. I desperately want this item, especially for a game that has many camping elements. I know this game is called Pocket Camp, so it makes sense to have camping items, but they would fit in New Horizons well too, and this one would look so good.


Animal Crossing Camping Set


Number Ten

I love the idea of having different trees around your island, and these are all items. All the different trees and Pocket Camps are items that you can get in-display anywhere. But I love to see different tree types in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are so many in Pocket Camp, which is one of the absolute best. It would make me happy to do this, and it would just add so many different aesthetics to different islands if we had different tree types. So I'm hoping this is something we may see in the future.


Animal Crossing Trees


The above are some of the amazing items in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Hope to see them in Animal Crossing New Horizons soon. In addition, most of the above content comes from Crossing Channel's videos. If you like it, you can follow his channel.



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