Top 8 Tips to Play Aion Classic

By Nancy G2021-07-02

As we all know, Aion Classic started on 23rd June. Every account would be given a week of Siel's Buff, which allows you to gain full EXP, Aion Classic Kinah, AP, and Drops. So today, the Best Gaming Store MmoGah will present the Top 8 Tips for Playing Aion Classic on the NA server if you are a free-to-play player.


top 8 tips on aion classic


Tip 1: Grind your levels in the first week

You can do some quests to help with leveling up, but you do not have to rush quests in Eltnen and Heiron (unless you can complete them in effective groups). However, do not despair if you do not get the max level by the end of the week, because quite honestly, that is a hardcore thing to do. Instead, do at a suitable pace for you, and by the end of the week, you can continue to grind them at half rates and do quests for full EXP.


Tip 2: Don't worry about your Abyss Points

Unless you are going to buy Siel's Buff, you should not need to care about rushing your AP because it will be hard for you to get enough PVP gears unless you want to get the level 25 blue PVP weapon as your arm's fusion.


Tip 3: Start finding groups/legions

Alright, this tip will backfire on me because I'm usually a solo player, but to be honest, everyone who is coming back to Aion Classic has already formed groups and even legions. Some of them have already maxed out 120 players and beyond. By having a group, needless to say, you can have access to instances and quests together. In that way, it will make your journey back to Aion more efficient.


Tip 4: Keep getting Kinah

Free-to-Play model has 100% white and trash drops when you don't have buffs, so make full use of the NPC vendors to sell for Classic Aion Kinah. Remember, the currency is still the most important thing because you can buy materials and equipment for your leveling and endgame using.


Tip 5: Keep Crafting

Free-to-Play model has crafting system, even without Siel's Buff. This means you don't have to worry that you cannot get good gears or Kinah, especially if you are willing to devote yourself to crafting.


Tip 6: Always do the highest instance you can when Siel's Buff is active

Remember to do the highest level instance you can do when you have Siel's Buff or gather materials if you are on cooldown. Don't just hold your cooldowns, and don't waste your buff.


Tip 7: Play classes that are less dependent on gear

This will not negatively affect gameplay when you are going to do an instance with other people. And you won’t drag the group down just because you have insufficient tanking or DPS abilities due to the lack of gears. Clerics, Chanters, Sorcerers, Spiritmasters are generally classes that are less dependent on gear as compared to Warrior/Scout classes. Just don't forget to put a little focus on your magic to make sure you don't waste attacks.


Tip 8: Don't save on Kinah

Always remember to bind to the nearest place when you are grinding. Call for help if you need. If there are incoming rifters, and if that does not work, change to another place to level up.



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