Aion Classic: Daily Kinah Making Guide

By Nancy G2021-07-16

Hey guys, the Best Gaming Store MmoGah will show you a quick little trick to make some quick Kinah in Aion Classic. Now let's jump into this guide.


Aion Classic Daily Kinah Making Guide cover


The first thing you're going to do is to go to Beluslan, and then you will go over by the general goods merchant. It's located here.


aion classic Beluslan


But before getting to the general goods, you need to take a right and talk to the material merchant Goen.


aion classic Goen


Once you're talking to Goen, what you need to do is to click "Buy," and he sells Aether Gems, Greater Aether Gems, and Pure Aether Gems for pretty low prices. Now you buy the maximum amount of five of each, which I've already done on my account today. And then you go ahead to the Broker. As you can see, those prices were 2400, 11000 and 54 000 for the different grades.



So now I'm going to fly over to the Broker and check the Broker prices to list the Gems. I get turned around here.


aion classic broker



Aether Gem

Search "Aether Gem" and sort by price. The lowest price was 10,000 before I came along, and then I set them as 9,000. So my stack of five gems only cost me 10,000 to get from that vendor. I'm selling for a good profit that I'm getting 45,000 back. So that's a nice little hefty profit for there.


aion classic Aether Gem


Greater Aether Gem

And then if you go to Greater, you'll see the same thing. I already sold nine gems. I listed nine for quite a bit, and I got almost nothing back. So I didn't list nine, that's why.


aion classic Greater Aether Gem


Pure Aether Gem

You can also do the same thing with the Pure Aether Gem. As you can see, the lowest one was a hundred thousand, and then I put nine Aether Gems up for ninety thousand, and they only cost me fifty-four thousand, so it's just a nice way to play the Broker game and make a little Kinah every day and also to keep the prices of Aether down.


aion classic Pure Aether Gem


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