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WoW Classic WotLK Weapon Guide - Top 5 Best Weapons You Can Have

Your weapon says a lot about you in WotLK; however, wielding the right gun is equally as important, especially in the endgame progression, where things get much more complicated. Whether you farm these weapons for the looks or the lore, it is essential to realize that these are worth collecting, and while most of these weapons last you a long time while raiding, they are straightforward to obtain.




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Armageddon is an epic, two-handed sword. It can arguably be called the largest and one of the most statistically geared blades in the game. It is bigger than the character itself, and because of its rarity, it is prevalent among players. It is the highest DPS-based 2H sword, slightly better than the PvP equivalent. After defeating the Four Horsemen, this sword can be found in the Four Horsemen Chest. It also has a slight chance of dropping off of Gluth in the 25-man version of Naxxramas. It has a DPS of 203, which is excellent, alongside the 101 additional strength. This makes it one of the most potent weapons in the game. In addition, it improves the Critical Strike rating by 58 and the haste rating by 100.


Titansteel Destroyer

Titansteel Destroyer is one of the coolest-looking maces in the game. This gigantic weapon can be pretty hard to obtain. However, it is worth looking out for because of its impressive stats. It is considered one of the best pre-raiding weapons. It has a total of 124 additional strengths, and in the first rating of the expansion, it has the highest strength stat out of any weapon or piece of gear. This is a massive DPS boost for anyone jumping into their first raid. However, acquiring such a weapon comes at a hefty price. Titanseteel Destroyer requires eight titan steel bars, each requiring one eternal fire and shadow, which are expensive. You will also need an Alchemist to transmute the free titanium bars for each titan steel bar. It is true, however, that weapons like Armageddon have higher base damage; however, they aren't available until significantly later in the game, plus you will have to sacrifice a secondary stat for a higher base strength stat.


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That said, if you wish not to grind so much and get this beast of a weapon asap, then there is always the option to boost your WotLK Classic account.


Glenelg, High Blade of the Silver Hand

Another two-handed sword on the list is Glorenzelg. This epic sword drops from the Lich King in the 25-man version of the Icecrown Citadel. It is considered one of the most powerful weapons in Wrath of the Lich King.


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Another reason this weapon is attractive for Warriors, Death Knights, and Rep Paladins is its free red sockets. These can be equipped with big red strength gems or armor penetration gems. The sockets will generously add up eight strengths when you fill-up the sockets. This is because many players focus on stacking up a single socket. For some warriors, you can dually wield it. This is a great way to choose a bit more gear score out of your character. The weapon has a lot of strength and critical strike rating while not wasting any itemization points on armor penetration. This makes it useful for all those classes that have no use for ArP. Most players would equip Crypt Maker with Glorenzelg so that they will have Crypt Maker in the offhand for some armor penetration.


Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

Val'anyr is the ultimate healer weapon in WOTLK. It is a legendary mace created by titans but lost during the first war between the Iron Dwarves and the Earthen. This weapon can be obtained by collecting fragments of Val'anyr in Ulduar. It has excellent stats for all healers. The real benefit of the Val'anyr is the proc, which causes all your healing spells to grant a shield equal to 15% of the amount healed. This is a deadly weapon, especially with healers like the Holy Paladin. This is because Holy Paladin does an enormous amount of overhealing. This healing is done because the holy light hits the target it's being cast on. Thanks to the proc, this means what is being hit will be the most considerable value of absorbing possible, hence a more significant amount of healing and strength.


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If you are unable to acquire the Hammer of Ancient Kings, then don't lose hope. You can always head over to MmoGah and opt for some of their various WotLK products that include WotLK Classic power leveling, WoW WotLK Gold, and even TBC Classic Gold.




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The best weapon in WotLK is the Shadowmourne. It is another two-handed weapon and is exclusive to only warriors, paladins, and knights. It is obtained from a very long ICC quest chain. It is a legendary axe that is the counterpart to Frostmourne, Lich King's blade. It has very similar stats to Glorenzelg. For warriors, it is the highest DPS weapon in WOTLK, with three red gem sockets for stam or expertise gems. It has a damage of almost 1,600 with 344 DPS. A bonus is that it dramatically enhances Critical Strike and Armor Penetration. It has over 200 strengths on the weapon itself. DK tanks benefit most from this weapon for the frost infusion process, and they are best equipped to take frost breaths. It has a bit more armor penetration than Glorenzelg. The proc effects from this weapon are unlike any other in the game. It unleashes shadow damage and buffs your strength by 270. The crazy stats and the Chaos Bane made it the most potent weapon in the game. Aside from the stats, another reason players drooled over this weapon was the fact that it was one of the most prominent status symbols in the game.


That is it for now but be sure to check back later as we are going to be bringing you more guides like these in the days to come. Until then, check out our previous WotLK Classic guides here.

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