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数量 (M Gil)
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单价$0.56 / 1M Gil
交付方式Face-to-Face, Mannequin, Through Market Board

FFXIV Gil Secure Delivery Methods

Face-to-Face Trade

We will send you a message and invite you to a party to meet up for the trade. Please keep your character online after placing your order.

1. Do not use a Free Trial account.
2. Please stay free untill the trade is complete.
3. Please put an item on the trading window.
4. Due to the limitation of FFXIV Gil trading, we can only trade 1M at a time.
5. Do not return the Gil to anyone.

Mannequin (Sell Only as Set)

Please accept our friend request so we can go to your house to buy the set from your Mannequin.

1. Own a house.
2. Have at least one Mannequin.
3. Select 'Sell Only as Set'.
4. Required information: House location, Mannequin name, and item name.

Market Board Trade

Please put one or a few items on the Market Board (MB) for the amount of your Final Fantasy Gil order.

1. You will get 5% less because of the MB fees.
2. After buying the items from the MB, we will email you to let you know your FFXIV Gil order is completed (in case you are offline or didn’t notice).

What Is FFXIV Gil


FFXIV Gil is short for Final Fantasy XIV Gil, also called for FF14 Gil or FF14 Gold. It is the most widely accepted form of currency in Final Fantasy XIV and is the only type players can trade or mail to other players.

Players can buy most things in-game with FFXIV Gil, so all players need FF14 Gil to explore the game world. The common ways to obtain ffxiv gil is through quests, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes, and selling times to the NPCs or on the Market Board.

Plenty of FFXIV Gil is your chance to experience different content, your confidence to explore deep in the game, and your ticket to reach the endgame.

What Is the Gil Limit in FFXIV?

The trading/mailing limit is 1,000,000 gil per time.

The maximum amount of Gil you can carry on your character is 999,999,999 gil, and each of your retainers can carry 999,999,999, too. The maximum amount isn't easy to reach, but it's absolutely possible with enough time and effort. Some players have already made it to the limit!

Do you want to know how much gil a player can spend in a few minutes? Click to see how fast the billionaire spends gil.

What Can You Do with FFXIV Gil

Players can use FFXIV Gil to buy:

  • Anything from the Market Board
  • Stuff from vendors
  • Bid on houses
  • Buy a personal House, Free Company House, Private Chamber, Apartment, and indoor/outdoor furnishings.

Players require Gil for:

  • Teleports
  • Gear Repair
  • Food
  • Materia
  • Glamours
  • Tradeable Mounts
  • Tradeable Minions
  • Crafting materials
  • And more!

There are four costly Mounts players can buy from NPCs with final fantasy xiv gil, three in Mor Dhona, selling by Edelina for 50M each, and one in Eulmore, selling by Tabeth for 25M.

How to Farm FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Since FFXIV Gil is so important for everyone, then knowing multiple FF14 Gil-farming methods is indispensable. Below are the best ways to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

● Farming Tradable Mounts and Minions
Tradable Mounts and Minions are usually costly, especially for newly added ones. Players can first check on the MB for prices, then pick one or more to farm.

● Crafting Popular Items
Popular items in FFXIV are not always the same because they depend on the patches. Usually, the newly added items, like craftable gear, accessories, and furnishings, can sell well for the first few weeks.

● Farming Materials
Leveling up a crafter needs many materials, so farming and selling crafting materials is an excellent way to become rich in FFXIV.

● Gathering Materials
Gatherers in FFXIV are also called Disciples of the Land, which include Miners, Botanists, and Fishers. It's a good idea to level up one or more gather jobs for players with more free time because you can make FF14 Gil while leveling and even more Gil if you craft the materials into something good with crafting jobs.

● Farming Other Currencies
There are many types of currencies in FFXIV, such as bicolor gemstone, sack of nuts, grand company seal, etc, and players can use them to exchange for tradable items to sell. Remember to check for the prices first, then decide which ones to exchange.

● Selling Materia
Players can extract materia from gear with 100% spirinond, or exchange it with other currencies. Materia is one of the endgame items, and they are always in need, so it's a good way to make Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

There are various ways to make Gil in FF14. Most profitable methods require time, skills, investment, or luck, so players with less time or patience usually buy cheap FFXIV Gil on FF14 Gil selling websites such as MmoGah, and we have FFXIV Gil for sale 24/7.

How to Buy FFXIV Gil at MmoGah

We have four convenient entrances for you to purchase FFXIV Gil:

1. Use QUICK BUY on the top-right of the home page.
2. Choose your game under Gold on the left side of the home page.
3. Use Search or View All Games on the top of the home page.
4. Scroll down to choose from HOT GAMES or POPULAR GOODS on the right side.

The multiple-entrance design is provided for your convenience in purchasing FFXIV Gil from MmoGah.

After choosing your desired game from any entrance, the rest of the steps are the same:

1. Choose your home world.
2. Enter the amount of FFXIV Gil you need.
3. Click Buy Now.
4. Fill out the required information.

About MmoGah FFXIV Gil Bonuses

We offer excellent bonuses to express our gratitude for your trust in purchasing a larger amount of Gil from us. The more Gil you buy, the more free Gil you get!

Bonus Rate:

1. 5% bonus: 300M+ (300M+15M; 400M+20M; 500M+25M)
2. 2% bonus: 50-299M (50M+1M; 100M+2M; 200M+4M)
3. No bonus: 1-49M

Why You Should Buy FFXIV Gil from MmoGah

Speedy Delivery
We have FFXIV Gil in stock for quick delivery. The realms that have sufficient FF14 Gil are listed here, and in most cases, we can deliver within approximately 2 minutes after confirming your payment.

Excellent Reputation
We have received numerous reviews from players of all types in FFXIV. Is this your first time ordering from us? We understand your skepticism and want to assure you that we are genuine. With thousands of satisfied customers and nearly a decade of experience selling for various MMOs, we are confident in our legitimacy. To further prove our trustworthiness, we will meet you in the game, take a screenshot, and provide real-time proof of the Gil you purchase. MmoGah is a trustworthy choice for buying FFXIV Gil.

Fair Prices
We may not offer the lowest prices, but we prioritize trustworthiness. For instance, if you order FFXIV Gil when we are out of stock (it barely happens), we will inform you in advance. If you are willing to wait, and the prices decrease while waiting for your Gil to arrive, we'll provide you with additional Gil to match the current economy, but we won't charge you any extra if prices increase.

Secure Delivery
When we contact you in-game for the delivery, we only send you messages like 'hi'/'hello' or a meeting location. We will not say or reveal anything about your order or your Gil. We suggest our customers put an item on the trading window to make it a fair trade.

We have been selling Final Fantasy XIV Gil since the very beginning of the game’s release, and we have countless returning buyers worldwide. You can buy FFXIV Gil from us (MmoGah) with confidence!

Refund Guarantee
It doesn't happen often, but like most things in life, sometimes you need a refund. We guarantee refunds at any time prior to delivery, which aligns with our refund policy. If you pre-order FFXIV Gil and want a refund, you get one right away as long as we haven’t already delivered the Gil.

What Is Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, a top online video game, is called "FFXIV" or "FF14" for short. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy 14 is an action-packed game with loads of content and superb graphics that will blow you away every second of the game. Each expansion has been wildly popular. Over 27 million players have joined the FFXIV world.

Endwalker, which is the latest expansion of FFXIV, continues the refulgent journey of Warrior of Light, available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Windows®, Mac, and Steam. Players can have more choices and more challenges because there are new Horizons, new Tribes, new Threats, new Jobs, new Dungeons, new Housing District, and many updates to adventure. Fresh gameplay elements and new actions for existing jobs provide players with an unprecedented thrill of combat. To regain confidence and courage in facing the calamity - a second advent of the Final Days - players can construct new houses in Empyreum and engage in battle alongside companions. Many challenges are waiting to be solved.

Whether you're a newbie, casual, or pro gamer looking for entertainment, FFXIV can be your right choice. If you're starting your gaming journey, MmoGah offers convenient and easy-to-play expertise to help you be more productive.