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WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Gearing Up Guide – How to Get to Item Level 480+

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Season 3 of WoW Dragonflight is finally here! We have more options to gear up when compared to Season 2. So Kelani introduces a guide on his Youtube channel where we can learn various ways to quickly and efficiently get to item level 480+ in Dragonflight. Meanwhile, if you need some money in WoW 10.2 to boost your gaming experience, you can grab some at MmoGah, a professional shop that has been in the business for 16 years. Now, let’s dive into the article!


 WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Gearing Up Guide


Quests & Bosses & Mobs

Progressing through the story quests in the Emerald Dream Zone will give you a lot of Explorer gear around 415 to 420 item level, and you can also get various other rewards in this progress.


You will unlock World Quests afterward, which can also offer you Explorer gear. What’s more, they also have a chance to reward you with Adventure Gear closer to item level 430.


There are also a lot of rare mobs to hunt down, which have a chance to drop item level 428 gear. It starts on the Adventurer track.


The Emerald Dream Zone also has a lot of Weekly Quests or Events that reward some good gear. The Weekly Quest - A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens requires you to farm 1500 reputation with the Dream Wardens and can reward you with up to item level 450 gear on the Veteran track. Besides, there are also two Weekly Quests that can reward item level 450 gear on the Veteran track. The first one requires you to plant five seeds, and the second one is tied to the SuperBloom.


There's also a new World Boss in the Emerald Dream Zone to hunt down – Aurostor, the Hibernating. You can kill it once per week for a chance of loot, and it drops item level 460 gear on the Champion track, so it has huge upgrade potential.



There's another very powerful gearing option available to everyone – crafting. We have two tiers of gear to craft: a lower tier and a higher tier. For the lower tier, we only have one option to work with, but it will give you very easy access to item level 447 gear. To craft this gear, you need an optional upgrade item called “Enchanted Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest”. This costs you a few enchanting materials and a Nascent Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest, which you can buy from an enchanting vendor for 30 Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest. Just like other Enchanted Crests, you will need to be an enchanter or make a work order to let them crafted for you. You can plug this Enchanted Crest into a blue quality recipe to bump its item level up to 447.


You can craft much higher item-level gear and upgrade it even further if you have a few key materials. The first thing you need is Spark of Dreams, which is the main required ingredient. To get it, we need to combine two Splintered Spark of Dreams. You can get one Splintered Spark of Dreams every week by completing some specific weekly quests. One of the quests is A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens. Besides, you can also complete one of the weekly PvP quests in Valdrakken. Whichever quest you do first, it will give you a Splintered Spark of Dreams for the week. After two weeks of quests, you can combine them together to form one Spark of Dreams.


There is a one-time quest in the Central Encampment in the Emerald Dream that rewards you with an extra Splintered Spark of Dreams for the first time you get a Splintered Spark of Dreams. So, you can actually make your first Spark of Dreams after you complete this quest. But if you missed a week and didn’t get one, don’t worry, as you have a chance to loot your missed splinters while doing endgame content, like killing raid bosses or completing Mythic plus dungeons.


To craft a piece of gear, all you need to do is get your Spark and collect the required crafting materials. The Baseline spark gear starts at item level 450 and goes all the way up to 463 when crafted at rank five, so you can craft yourself a new piece of 463 gear every 2 weeks, which can help you gear up super easily in season 3. You can also upgrade your crafted gear by using Enchanted Dreaming Crests, which can take your gear up to item level 486.



Season 3 also introduces a brand new raid Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope, which can offer you some of the best gear. The gear rewards are also much higher when compared to the usual seasonal transition. Gear within a raid difficulty also scales, so the bosses towards the end of the raid drop higher item-level loot when compared to the bosses at the start of the raid.


Looking For Raid: drop loot from item level 441 to 450

Normal Mode: drop loot from item level 454 to 463

Heroic Mode: drop loot from item level 467 to 476

Mythic Mode: drop loot from item level 480 to 489


There are also special items scattered throughout the raid with even higher item levels. So those will be a big power boost if you can get them.


Killing raid bosses is also going to fill up your Weekly Vault for this season. We need two kills, four kills, and seven kills to unlock the first, second, and third rewards, respectively. The Vault will give you a random piece of gear from the highest difficulty you kill the bosses on. This includes super rare items, as well as tier-set gear.



Season 3 will bump up the rewards of every dungeon difficulty, even outside the Mythic+ Keystone system. Normal dungeons will drop item level 421 gear; Heroic dungeons will drop item level 428 gear, and Mythic dungeons drop item level 437 gear. So, even doing basic Mythic dungeons can be very rewarding. All of this gear can also be upgraded, but if you want some of the best gear available from dungeons, you need to jump into the Mythic+ Keystone system. Running +2 key will reward you with item level 441 gear.  +9 is going to drop item level 454, which is the start of the Champion track. +17 starts to drop item level 467, which is the start of the Hero track. So, if you run those higher Keys, you can get hero gear, which can be upgraded all the way to 483.


The other huge bonus you're going to get from running Mythic+ Keys is progressing in your Weekly Vault. The higher the keystones you complete in a week, the better your rewards are going to be. Completing a +2 key will give you an item level 454 piece of gear in the Vault, and a +20 key will give you a reward of 483. The good news is that now Heroic dungeons, Mythic 0 dungeons, and even Time Walking dungeons will all contribute towards your dungeon reward row in the Weekly Vault, so you can get a weekly reward just by running Heroic dungeons, which is easy. Although the rewards are those with lower item levels, it’s better than nothing.



There is an item level as well as a PvP item level. The normal item level is what the gear will be in any other type of content, while the PvP item level is just for PvP, which makes PvP gear much more powerful in PvP.


You can get 431 Adventure Gear by farming Bloody Tokens and handing those into the Fieldmaster Emberath in the Valdrakken PvP building. Bloody Tokens come from killing players or completing PvP World Quests with War Mode turned on. There's a higher tier of this gear, which requires Trophies of Strife and more Bloody Tokens to buy. Then you can get 450 Veteran gear by turning them into Malacia. Trophies of Strife come from a weekly PvP quest called Spark of Life: the Azure Span, which requires War Mode. You can also buy them from Malacia for 3,500 Honor.


Then, we have Honor gear, which starts at item level 415. It will cost you Honor to purchase. Honor can be gained from any PvP activity. The next is Rated gear or Conquest gear, which will cost you Conquest to purchase. You can get the Conquest currency from rated PvP activities.

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