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World of Warcraft 7.2 Tips for Mage Tower Challenge

In World of Warcraft, Mage Tower is a special area that is meant to be a “solo challenge,” or not meant to be played in a group, and many players have enjoyed it. However, for anyone who is playing a Tank-type of character, he/she is likely not enjoy it at all. Many Battle.net players complain their frustration for not being able to complete challenge for one reason or another. Now let’s talk about and see how we can do this below. Latest wow news are waiting for you at MmoGah.

Once you have mechanics in your head it becomes much easier, although this fight is tedious. Focus less on doing as much dps as possible and more on staying alive. As a point of reference I end encounter on 600k dps as I start waiting on cooldowns and use energy on defence if I require.


TL and DR:

-Please maintain bleeds on melee/axe jarl and spell caster.

-Run into purple runes.

-Fit into gap in wall.

-Stun bladestorm/enrage.

-Keep Sigryn blinded as much as possible and try to blind her blood of ancients cast before she finishes it.

-Blow up caster shield and interrupt spell.

For rinse and repeat. You no longer deal with runes or enrage at 50% but you have to increase frequency of the other abilities. Sometimes effect for blindly break is not good and if it's already cast aoe (area of effect), it will kill you for duration when she is out of cc.


Some tips:

-Keep Sigryn away from other two jarls. Apparently poison bomb does not break blind, so this isn't too much of a matter. If you make challenge again you'd still rather keep her separate but I don't tab or click on her accidentally. If you are confident you won't do that, having her next to the others may well be fine. Likewise I take any aoe trinkets I have too.


-Use shadowstep. Sometimes you may need to run into a wall gap and then jump back onto spell caster with a bubble. Shadowstep is instant and could be difference on blowing up in time or not. Also it's great for getting to runes or getting away from an enraged melee Jarl.


-Save one potion in case spell caster uses his one shot bubble mechanic and you have no cooldowns. The extra stats can make sure you do enough damage to break bubble.


 - If you aren't sure whether run into gap in the valkyrie. You might lose some dps but you won't be dead.

  • Stun blade storm

    -Maintain bleeds properly so if a bubble appears on caster you don't become energy starved.

    -If you are hit by a mechanic but don't die, pop offensive cooldowns for a huge healing burst due to leeching poison will come.

    Legendary items: Vendetta boots + bubble buddy neck.

    Talents: Master poisoner, Nightstalker, Vigor.


    Leeching Poison (During dps cooldowns you can see a lot of heals and it saves my life twice on my successful attempt). You may be able to pick something else if you use feint heal legs.



    You could use this for triple garrote however this does not fit with method for encounter. It could be useful for multiple cheap shots but I don't think it would be used enough to worth it.


    Elusiveness: This could work for almost one shot mechanics. E.g. Just to dodge it, Valkyrie wall will be much safer. Obviously this could save your life if you can't make dodge or cloak it.


    Cheat death: if you miss one shot mechanic it will give you a bit of time to recover. Also, as with elusiveness, you maintain your ability to use crippling poison. This allows you to kite melee jarl guy.



    Runes: The spell caster will spawn three purple circles in the middle section of the room. All these circles begin at different sizes and shrink over time. When circle shrinks completely it explodes and deals very high damage (maybe one shot). In order to destroy rune and avoid damage you have to run over circle before this happens. You can feint to reduce this damage to a manageable level if you know you are going to miss it. Alternatively you can cloak however I keep this as an "oh crap" button instead.

    Green orb shield: The spell caster calls upon power of his ancestors and a green shield surrounds him. You have dps through shield and interrupt cast. The cast bar will still be grey even after the shield is gone but this is normal and you can still kick it. Saving a power potion in case you have no cooldowns useful for this as it ensures you to have enough damage to break to shield. Generally though this is easy to deal with. As ability is used more frequently, saving kingsbane or vendetta if you like but this becomes harder near the end of fight. Just play carefully and make sure you have some dps for it.


    Thrown axes: The melee jarl starts off stationary and throws axes around room. They seem to be targeted towards you but you have time to avoid them as they make arc in. These don't make one shot but they do a lot of damages if they hit you, so try to avoid being hit too many times. He seems to swap between throwing axes and chasing after melee. If he's chasing you just bleeding him for extra damage.


    Throw spear: Sigryn throws a spear at you which leaves green aoe fire on the floor. As always, don't stand in fire. I find Sigryn is beneficial (for multiple reasons). You need to kite the other Jarls out of this for reasons which will become apparent a bit further on.


    Enrage: The melee jarl shouts something, turns red and becomes enraged. He's also taller. The damage he does is very high and needs to be avoided. For leeching poison builds you can't effectively kite with crippling poison on him anymore. I suggest to use 6 points kidney in shooting him and standing as far away as you can whilst hitting spell caster jarl. Use evasion when he gets to you and you will be fine.

    Valkyrie wall: Sigryn shouts about commanding legions and you will see her casting. Numerous purple orbs will fly off to one of the four sides of encounter in a line. Like wall there is a gap which you can stand in to avoid damage in vault of wardens. The wall lines up and after a few seconds it travels across encounter instantly almost in a straight line, so make sure you are out of way at this point as damage is fatal.


    Health orbs: A valkyrie will swoop down and leave a wow golden orb behind. Pick it up for a large heal. Make sure you have a focus blind macro bound. To start fight you have to hit Sigryn first which means you can't use sap. Make sure you have her set as focus. Bleed all targets and use fan of knives if you can hit all three. Don't interrupt shadowbolt and focus on dodging axes and keep a reasonably consistent dps going with bleeds on Sigryn and spell caster. Try to kite Sigryn and spell caster closer to the middle of the room so you can get to runes quicker later on. Leeching Poison will keep you up.

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