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What World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2 Legion Hunter Will be?

By John Ryan2015-09-09

We have an article which is about World of Warcraft legion new weapon in patch 6.2. But how about legion hunter roles? Let’s talk about it.

Survival: Melee spec that utilizes a pet. Melee damage dealers can expect to:


1.         Stand in short range of their enemies.

2.         Use primarily instant damage dealing abilities.

3.         Interrupt enemy spell casts.

Beast Mastery: Ranged spec that utilizes a pet

Beast Mastery is the last bastion of the traditional WoW hunter, using your bow or gun with a loyal companion at your side. If you want to continue playing this fantasy, you are going to be shoehorned into this spec. I expect that devout Beast Mastery players are relatively unfazed by this whole shakeup to the Hunter class.

Marksmanship: Ranged spec that has NO pet

This means the Lone Wolf talent should be no more. Blizzard is fully committing this time and giving each spec a clear identity. It’s bound to ruffle some feathers, but my initial thoughts are that it will be good for the class.


If Survival is the top spec by the same kind of margin Marksmanship is now in Hellfire Citadel, every hunter will feel forced into completely changing roles after they’ve been playing a ranged class for 10 years.


There are also some updates regarding the artifact weapons:

Beast Mastery’s artifact is a gun, Marksmanship’s is a bow, Survival’s is a spear.

There are no weapon drops in Legion. Instead, you will power up your artifact by killing bosses and doing other things in the game (PvP, dungeons, raids).

Your artifact will be obtained very early on.

Artifacts can be transmogged, so if you’re not happy about your weapon type for your chosen spec, you at least have that. You cannot transmog into another artifact though.

Still not sure how Survival is going to operate in the weird transition period of patch 7.0 when they have no melee weapons.


Survival should be getting a whole new arsenal of abilities. Blizzard will bring back some of the old names like Raptor Strike and Wing Clip. The former could be a signature ability or Focus dump, and the latter could be the Concussive Shot replacement. Several existing talents will need special Survival versions. I’d be very interested in seeing the melee equivalent of Barrage.


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