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Use These Addons in WoW Dragonflight!

By Penny2023-02-09

Dragonflight has introduced many new features and user interface options, so we turn to Addons to improve our user experience. Below we listed some useful Addons you must have in Dragonflight. Let’s dive in.





Rarescanner is a fantastic addon for this expansion, as it will alert you when a rare or a treasure is found nearby. With how much content is currently focusing on rare hunting and treasure hunting, knowing when and where these things pop up is going to help you out. So if you do a lot of rare farming, be sure to grab a Rarescanner.



HandyNotes is good in terms of how the information is displayed on the world map and how much information it provides. Besides, it has the most up-to-date information, especially when it comes to new patches. For example, there are notes for special pets or mounts in the new patch and how to collect them, or key locations marked on the map, etc.


World Quest Tracker

Another useful addon for every kind of player is World Quest Tracker. World Quests have been very valuable so far in Dragonflight. And as new patches come out, world quests will constantly be updated. Having an addon like World Quest Tracker makes it easier and faster to see which world quests are active, what the current rewards are, and whether they're worth doing or not. You can also change how the world quests sort. There are a whole bunch of other options.



Opie is a good option that lets you create rings of keybinds on a keybind, so you can use one keybind to open up a ring with a whole bunch of different options that you might want to pick from; for example, you can use it to choose between various mounts or consumables, like food, flasks, runes.



There are a lot of combo addons that sometimes include changes to how the mailbox works, but Postal is a standalone addon that has everything we need in a mail addon. It has the ability to click a drop-down menu of names to send your mail to, which is insanely valuable if you have a lot of alts and want to send mail between them.


Damage Meter

Details is a damage meter with a whole bunch of extra functionality added in. You can see damage taken, healing taken, dispels, interrupts deaths with a death log to see exactly how you died or other people died, and so on. It tracks everything and displays it in a very neat way, so no matter what kind of performance you want to track, Details will have you covered.


It's also incredibly useful for checking damage breakdowns, what deals the most damage, how trinkets are performing, and whether your talent choices are improving your damage. You can also compare damage between the same specs and classes to see why someone has more damage overall. It's a great tool to help you improve in your role.


Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus gives you easy access to a whole suite of quality-of-life options. You can use this for the automation stuff, like automating your quest pickups and turn-ins to help speed up leveling, automating gossip to get through NPC chatter faster, or selling junk and repairing automatically at vendors. There are even extra options to ensure you don't sell Grays that you don't have the transmog for, which is really nice.


You can also set up a whole bunch of options for social interactions, like duels or party invites. There are a lot of different chat options to take advantage of and a whole bunch of system changes, too, like muting certain sounds or disabling certain effects.



Not only will it give you coordinates on your map and on the screen without having to install any other addons, but the ability to mark waypoints on the map and have an arrow showing you exactly where to go is invaluable. You can use TomTom when you pick up a new profession to quickly mark and collect all of the hidden treasures out in the world.


Premade Groups Filter

It is a great addon for group content. It gives you various options to filter out groups in the group finder feature. You can filter for content type, difficulty, lockout, or rating. You can also filter by group member. So if you're a tank or you have a tank in your group, you can filter out the dungeon groups that already have a tank. The same goes for healers. It just really helps clear out the noise and the clutter and lets you queue for groups that you actually want to be a part of and will actually accept you.


DBM / Bigwigs + Littlewigs

Another great addon for group content is some kind of boss timer. You can use DBM / Bigwigs, Littlewigs. Both work perfectly fine and use whichever you prefer. Boss time is super simple; it will give you a countdown bar for key abilities, so you know exactly what ability is coming next and how long you have until that ability should next be seen. Having these timers lets you plan your actions out, making you more proactive and perform better in your role. Boss timers are an absolute must-have if you're venturing into higher-end group content.


This list of useful addons could go on and on. For more, watch Kelani's video below. Hope these addons we listed will help improve your WoW gameplay.


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