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  • How to Unlock, Get and Upgrade Legendary in WoW Shadowlands
    By Penny2020-12-02 00:00:00

    Legendaries are a staple of every single expansion in World of Warcraft in one way or another, and this is no different in Shadowlands. All classes will have their own Legendaries to choose from, along with a few neutral pieces, and they’ll be key to powering up your character. But getting Legendaries is a bit more complicated than hoping for random drops: you’ll need to gather materials to craft them.


    The video below is from Bellular, in which he shares tips of unlocking, getting and upgrading Legendary in WoW Shadowlands.



    What Are Legendaries

    Legendaries in Shadowlands are mostly like Legion Legendaries except that they do not have all of the BS, RNG drops. They are more of a progression system that you actively engage with. Each one of the Legendaries has a major effect. Some of them are quite complex and really do change how you play, but others are very simple. Most of them do have a focus on PVE or PVP utility, however there are a few that are focused on other bits of Shadowland's content, such as Torghast and the Maw.


    Getting Started

    Your Legendary acquisition process will begin early on in Torghast, where you will encounter the Runecarver and after a few quests he will offer to craft Legendaries for you.





    And what you're going to need is materials for your Legendaries. Those are Soul Ash, a Crafted Base Item, Missives and Memories. The Memories are the actual Legendary Powers themselves. So let's go through these various different materials.


    Soul Ash

    Soul Ash is the big important one, which comes from some Introductory Torghast Quests and then it is from each of the two active wings of Torghast per week. Now there is also a little bit that can come in from your Covenant's Mission Table. Each week two wings of Torghast are available. There are eight difficulties, which are called layers. So you've got 8 different layers of the 2 different wings. And the higher the layer, the more Soul Ash you will be rewarded with. For example, if you complete layer 3, you'll actually get all of the rewards in terms of Soul Ash from layer 3 to layer 1. Of course to unlock layer 3, you would need to complete layers 1 and 2. Eventually you'll have layer 8 unlocked and then you'll be able to get all of your Soul Ash rewards from just doing each wing at layer 8 once a week. These difficulties are progressively unlocked as you beat each one, but there are some restrictions on launch you should be aware of.


    Torghast unlock cadence


    Layers 1, 2 and 3 are active on launch. Layer 3 is really quite easy, so you will be able to do all three of them. Layers 4 through 6 will become available on the December 8th.And that's when Shadowlands Season 1 starts. Then Layers 7 and 8 will become active a week later alongside the release of the Castle Nathria Raids.


    Then the next question is the actual numbers regarding how much of Soul Ash resource we need or how it works. In regard to this part of the guide, watching the video directly can be a better choice, for it is easier to understand. (4:07—6.39)


    Base Items

    Crafters actually create the Base Items that the Runecarver needs to actually make your Legendaries. To unlock these recipes, crafters have to reach the maximum skill of 100 in Shadowlands for their craft skill and then they need to complete the Intro Torghast Quests up until where they free the Runecarver. Now Armor Crafting Professions can make Base Legendary Items for their respective armor type, that is to say, a leather worker will make the leather ones, and jewel crafters will make rings and necklaces. These items require a lot of materials. Some of them actually need to be enchanted or even have alchemy involved at some stage. So creating one Base Legendary Item is a team effort between the gatherers, the crafters, the enchanters, and everyone's getting involved.


    Depending on how the Auction House looks in a few weeks, it may actually be worth holding off just a little bit until those Legendary prices come down. And this is all doubly so when it comes to the upgrade system, because currently in order to make a rank 2 Base Item, crafters need to make 15 rank 1 Base Items, which is going to be extremely expensive for them to do.


    And then also you need to remember that to upgrade your Legendary, you need to bring the Runecarver your existing Legendary, which is the one you want to be upgraded, and the required Soul Ash to make the upgrade and then a higher ranked Base Item. Now this actually does mean that if you can directly craft a rank 2 Legendary, you'll actually save some gold. Because you won't need to have purchased the rank 1 Base Item. Now note here that the upgrades from rank one to two to three to four are just the item level and secondary stats. They have no effect on the power of the actual Legendary effect itself, so it is better to get one of them quickly.


    Scribes are not left out. Legendaries can be given two stats of your choice. You can select your secondary stats, which is done through Missives. They are crafted by Scribes and you can use your Missives to select the stats of your legendary, but you can't double up on the same stats. So expect to put some more WoW Gold into purchasing missives for your Legendaries.


    Legendary Powers

    The last thing that we actually have to consider here is the actual Legendary Power itself. Each class has got four class-wide Legendaries and each spec has four unique Legendaries for it. There are then also eight general Legendaries that work across all of the classes. These Legendary Powers work like a simple version of essences from patch 8.2, where they drop from certain sources. And once you own them, that's it. It's unlike the Legion Legendaries, for they're targetable. If you are a Fury Warrior, then you want the Legendary Power that comes from Mort’regar, which is one of the wings of Torghast. Then once that wing of Torghast is open, and that's where you've got to go.


    This has got 2 major implications. One is that there is less RNG involved here, because you can target what power you want to unlock. Some Legendaries do not have a 100% drop rate, but others like those from World Bosses, for instance, have a 100% drop rate. The other implication is that you may not get the Legendary that you want right away. There are some Legendary Powers that come from PVP, honor vendor, and there are even some that come from the last boss of the new raid. The worst possible case perhaps is needing a Legendary that comes from a World Boss, which happens to be the last one in the rotation of the four World Bosses, and this means that to get that power, you would literally have to wait a month from launch.


    The Legendary Powers are actually shared across your account. This means the general Legendary Powers can be shared across your character, so unlock them in your main and get an alt up, then you can quickly give that to them all.


    Now Blizzard has also added a Random Grab Bag that gives you a random Legendary that you do not have and that will become available in your Covenant after about six weeks of Shadowlands. And that's just stuff that you actually purchase, so watch out for that.


    The last thing to consider here is that each Legendary Power is tied to two or three slots. For example, you can only put in Sephuz's Proclamation on the neck, shoulders and chest, so generally you have to pick the highest value slot when you're crafting a legendary, for Legendary probably will be your highest item level most of the time.


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