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How to Gear Up in WoW Shadowlands—184+ Item Level

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands is finally coming! And a new expansion not only means a new leveling experience but a new gearing up grind. So we're going to break down the current Shadowlands gearing up process so you can gear up as quickly as possible to get ready for the Mythic+ Season and the Castle Nathria raid. If you want to know more Shadowlands guides, stay tuned to MmoGah. We are also a reliable website where you can buy cheap WoW Gold with fast delivery.


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The video below is from Kelani, in which he shares some ways of gearing up in Shadowlands.



Max Level Story Quests

The first thing I would recommend you do at max level is work through the max level story quests. You will need to do this to unlock various systems in your Covenant such as features like Torghast and legendary crafting. Some of these systems lead to extra gearing options, while some of the quests themselves will reward you with some decent loot.


World Quests

At this point you should have access to World Quests. So take a look at your map to see if any World Quests offers gear. World quests work a bit differently in Shadowlands, and they do still seem to scale with your character's item level somewhat, but they hit their max reward fairly quickly. On a character with 138 item level, the current World Quest rewards are all item level 148. While on a character with item level 174, the World Quest rewards jump up to a range of 155 to 171, which means World Quests can be used to quickly replace a few of your slots early on and they will provide you with upgrades for until you reach at least the 170 mark depending on how quickly they scale. So always check your World Quests and you might find the very last item you need to round out your gear set. To get higher World Quest rewards, you need to get renowned level 10, which could take up to five weeks, so until that point World Quests will fizzle out very quickly.


Daily Callings

You can also complete your daily callings for a chance at loot and you can pick up these quests in your Covenant Sanctum. They each last for three days, so you can have up to three at a time and they basically work like Emissaries in BFA except they're a bit more flexible. If you complete a calling, you'll get a box of goodies, and the rewards seem on par with what World Quests offer. But you are not guaranteed a piece of gear, so callings are going to be hit or miss.


Crafted gear

Crafted gear is a great option this time around to help speed up your gearing, especially if you are a crafter yourself. The rare crafted gear start at item level 151 and most of this stuff is incredibly cheap to craft, for it doesn't require that many materials. And you could potentially start your dungeon adventures with a full set of best in slot crafted gear with only having to craft it once, which is pretty cool and we've never been able to do that before. So definitely look into crafted gear, it will give you a big boost in item level if you just dinged level 60. Crafted gear can be made at item level 168 later on when players unlock the Crafter’s Mark II.



Most of your gearing up will probably be done in dungeons as per usual. You should be able to queue into Normal Dungeons straight away and they will reward you with 158 gear, which means Normal Dungeons are better than crafted gear overalls if you don't want to spend WoW Gold or effort getting the 151 crafter gear. But you might spend more time in Normal Dungeons before moving on.


Heroic Dungeons are the next big step up. They're going to drop 171 gear and honestly Heroic Dungeons are probably the best bang for your buck in terms of difficulty versus actual reward. This is the easiest 171 gear you can get your hands on, but to queue up for random Heroics, you will need to get item level 155 first. A good mix of crafted gear, normal dungeon gear and a handful of rewards from story quests should get you there quite quickly. The more crafted gear you buy or craft, the less normal dungeons you're going to have to do.


If you have a full group, you can actually bypass the item level requirement for the random queue and just walk into Heroic Dungeons. Loading yourself out in crafted gear and walking into Heroic Dungeons with a group might be one of the fastest ways to gear up, because you can cut out the Normal Dungeons entirely while still having good enough gear to smash the Heroic Dungeons.


And then we're going to come to the Mythic Dungeons. They're going to drop 184 gear this time around, which is the most reliable highest item level gear you can obtain for the first two weeks of the Shadowlands expansion. This is where the major upgrades are going to come from. Mythic Dungeons are going to be tough though, especially in the first week. So try to gear up as much as possible in Heroic Dungeons first. I would recommend you get to at least 165 before trying to go to Mythic Dungeons in order to give yourself the best chances of success. If you have a guild group or a dedicated group of friends who are confident, you can probably go into Mythic Dungeons a bit earlier. But if you're starting to struggle, you might need a few more Heroic Dungeon pieces.



You can also hop into PVP to change things up. PVP has actually got a vendor once again in Shadowlands for you to buy gear from, so it's back to the good old day to farming of honor and buying whatever pieces you want. They currently start at item level 158, which is right on par with Normal Dungeons and then you can also upgrade these pieces by farming more honor. If you want to gear up just through PVP, that's absolutely something you can do. You are limited to how far you can upgrade your gear though. Those limits are based upon renown, so you have to farm up enough renown to reach the milestones that increase your unrated PVP gear. So you can gear up through PVP, it's just more time gated and slower overall and your maximum item level is lower than dungeons. If you want speed and efficiency with gearing, then stick to dungeons.



We do have some other systems to progress through, which are related to gearing and power, but don't directly increase your item level. Conduits are an incredibly powerful system that improves some of your most important abilities. The higher item level conduits you can collect, the more powerful they will become. Thankfully getting better conduits is just as easy as getting better gear and it follows all of the same gearing up paths mentioned in this video. Most conduits are available from the dungeons, so the easiest way to get the best available conduits for right now would be to run Mythic Dungeons and hope your conduits drop. You should also check your World Quests every day because World Quests can reward conduits at a higher item level as well and whenever you get a new conduit upgrade, remember to bring it back to your forge of bonds and your Sanctum to unlock the higher ranks, so your conduits can power up.



There are also some gear rewards from the new reputations in Shadowlands. Each zone has its own faction to grind rep with and a quartermaster to buy loot from. The gear is pretty lackluster right now, though you can get a piece of item level 164 gear at Honored, a piece of 181 gear at Revered and a piece of item level 200 gear at Exalted. Some of these might be useful, but wrap grinding in Shadowlands seems kind of slow overall, so I imagine you would out gear these rewards very quickly. The Exalted reward could be nice, but I'm pretty sure no one will be exalted with these reps until way after the raid comes out. So if quick gearing is what you're looking for, reps don't have too much to offer in Shadowlands.


After two weeks of Shadowlands being live, the Castle Nathria raid, Mythic+ system and world bosses will all become available, which will help us gear up even faster. But until then, do everything you can to get up above item level 180, so you're all ready when that content finally drops.


If you find this video helpful, make sure to leave a like and subscribe Kelani’s channel. And if you need WoW Gold, MmoGah is a wise choice. I will see you in the next Shadowlands guide!


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