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Guide to WoW’s Most Powerful Abilities: Section 2

Shirley Huang March 22nd, 2019 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

We have introduced WoW’s most powerful abilities section one last week. Today mmogah will go on sharing the other top 5 powerful abilities with wow fans.


Will of the Forsaken


Will of the Forsaken was given to undead players as a racial with the game launch. Before Blizzard decided to make undead players be counted as humanoid instead of undead to retain some CC immunity that has been classified as undead, made them immune to a lot CC that could only be used on humanoid targets and just made them immune to fears altogether, so what will the Forsaken did was break charm fear and sleep effects, making you immune to those effects for 20 seconds. Now 20 seconds of fear CC immunity is huge.


Blind and Preparation


The infamous stun rogue who killed max level geared players while naked, and using starting zone dagger well that infinite stun combo actually didn’t rely on stuns very much. In fact, a blindman is an instant cast long form cc that breaks damage. But Preparation is an ability rogues, it owns cooldown ability to reset other rogues’ abilities.

Preparation could also reset the cooldown a blind, and the fact that eviscerate did static damage and didn’t scale at all with gear, so what he did was double cheap shot with vanish, and then blind he’d wait the full blind duration, in order to leave combat and rhe stealth, and then snap and wait the full duration again for another resale.

Leave combat is to use SAP which allowed doctor’s cheap shots to disappear. Let the rogue save all combo points for eviscerates, so it was the really eviscerates static damage and blind cooldown resets that allowed the chain to be as effective as it was. If he makes correct, you could have someone see seed for 45 seconds which only 10 to 12 seconds that were spent and stuns.


Mortal Strike


Mortal strike is one of the hardest hitting instant attack abilities in game. For some players don’t know weapons damage scale, this attacking abilities is scaled with weapon damage, and the levels of weapon damage based on speed, so a fast weapon will do less damage than the slow weapon. Since it hits more often while a sloped weapon will do a lot more single hit damage.

That’s how blizzard balances them out with each other. An instant attack just like Mortal Strike that scales off the weapons damage and doesn’t care at all about its speed, and you want the slowest weapon possible to make sure it could hit the hardest, this is where the Arcanite Reaper came to fame. The Arcanite Reaper was a high-level blue weapon that was easy to craft and extremely slow with an attack speed of 3.8 making it a monster of a weapon for warriors. It was so good even outclassed some epic two-handed weapons from molten core despite being a level 58 blue item, so coupled together with mortal strike a middle of the road geared warrior could take out half the health of a player with one ms and even shield cloth easy with the crit, it was easy effortless power and very widespread with how easy it was to obtain the reaper, but patch 1.8 Blizzard normalized weapon attack speed and brought mortal strike more in line and no longer overpowered with an extremely slow weapon and on a side note because of the widespread use of the Arcanite reaper. It was used as the model for the heirloom two-handed axe we have today.




Windfury Weapon



Windfury weapon during two points in vanilla while wind free weapon was kind of broken and overpowered windfury, which is a shaman weapon enchant that gave the shaman a 20% chance on hit to process two extra attacks, so it was possible for windfury to process off the two hits. Generally speaking, it could process off itself forever until the target died, this was also the time period before attacking weapon normalization. Since the extra hits from windfury basically counted as extra attacks laded insane amounts of damage from a very slow two-handed weapon.

Blizzard added a three second internal cooldown to windfury, so it couldn’t process of itself anymore and killed it even further with attack speed normalization in patch 1.8, someone discovered that the individual ranks of windfury didn’t share an internal cooldown. So if you do wielded weapons, you could apply the highest-ranked of windfury to your main hand weapon, and then the second highest rank of windfury to your offhand and get 2 times the process which was pretty good.


You can click Hirumaredx’s video for more information, and most of the content of this article is quoted from this video.




Pyroblast or POA mages back in vanilla wow, blizzard balanced castable spells based on how long their cast times, so the longer the cast time, the more damage the spell did. Moreover Pyroblast had the longest cast times. A single target nuke spell clocking at a six second cast time, and it also had a six minute cooldown. Now Arcane Mages had this ability called presence of mind which made your next spell instant cast and worked on Pyroblast they had arcane power which gave them 35% more damage for 15 seconds, both of which were on a three minute cooldown and neither was on the GCD. If you are good at your spell power trinkets, you could use multiple unused trinkets, and you can use macro and presence of mind arcane power at the same time.

As it be, damage ability is probably the most overpowered thing, as it was a guaranteed one-shot instant cast range nuke, and it didn’t require skill outside of getting to spell power trinkets and creating the macro.


Lastly, you can visit our wow guides to learn more strategy. If you have no time to play more, you can buy cheap wow gold, wow items to strengthen your weapons and armors, or ask for wow level boost to help you level up fast.


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