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Guide to WoW’s Most Powerful Abilities: Section 1

Shirley Huang March 15th, 2019 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

This is a real player Hirumaredx’s video strategy. It goes over Top 10 powerful abilities and combos that were incredibly strong at 1 point or another in wow. These top abilities will not only cover strong damage dealing abilities, but also defensive and CC effects.

Today mmogah.com will share the top 5 powerful abilities first, and I hope that they are useful for many wow fans.



Divine Shield and Hearthstone Combo


Try to get a mean combo in the form of the paladin Bubble hearth, and you can see Divine Shield the Paladin ability that gives an immunity to all forms of damage, debuffs lasted for 12 seconds in vanilla heart stones and had a 10 second cast time, so a friend who was in trouble could simply use bubble, and then cast stone to get out of anywhere. It was the ultimate excape tool and there was no way to remove it in vanilla wow, as mass dispel and Shattering Theroux weren’t added until later expansions, so if a friend wants to run away, there was no way to stop them.



Frost Shock


It is another kind of meme ability that everyone liked to call overpowered, but to some extent, it is one of the three shock shamans. They all have the same short 6 second cooldown. Blizzard wanted to balance each one in a way that made you want to pick it over the other, and it was also kind of overpowered to an extent, flame shock just did damage, put a dot up, frost shock did damage and slow the target for eight seconds.


Frost shock can do a lot of damage more than an instant cast spell, such a short cooldown can do it. Moreover it had a slow attach that was longer than its cooldown, it means that you could keep someone permanently slowed with frost shock. Frost shock was one of the few range slows in the game that could do that in vanilla wow anyway and the only one did damage and in vanilla wow where mobility was low, this was actually super powerful so much.




Not just the Warlock ability fear, but all fears in vanilla wow have different than before.

They can run around randomly. But in vanilla wow, fear had a chance to break early if they took damage. The more damage they took from an ability, then they have a higher chance to break, and a low chance to break from small amounts of damage, so if you just put dots on a target and used channeled ability, fear was basically a 12 second stun. Technically, hunter’s priests and warriors also had fears, but only warlocks had a spammable and no cooldown fear. So if a warlock got opened up in pvp, he could have his Invisible succubus seduce the target turn around and cast fear, then put up full dots and use one of their three channeled abilities to do a ton of small ticks of damage. Basically people through a near permanent fear that would never break.


The cheap shot/kidneys shot combo


Its rogues could cheap shot out of stealth for a four second stun, and then combo into kidney shot for another six second long stun, a total of ten seconds’ stun, this is the longest stun chain in vanilla wow without some kind of special items or gimmicks. The only real downside to the stun combo was the energy and combo points required to use the two abilities which could be completely offset through some items.

So it was technically possible for rogues to kill someone of equal level while never getting hit back in exchange and with a very little skill involved a 10 second stun was powerful back, although this 10 second stun wasn’t vanilla well, it was a thing all the way until Cataclysm when Blizzard finally put kidney shot and cheap-shot on the same stun D’Arc’s really strong, a vanilla wow and the cause of lots of complaints about rogues being too overpowered, but funny the thing is people associate rogues being able to see someone death without ever getting hit back didn’t actually involve the cheap shot kidney shot comb.


Curse of shadow


Curse of shadow and negative resistances before patch 1.9 cause targets to go into negative resistances with either curse of elements or curse of shadow resistances, which would lower damage taken by their specific element, and give you a chance to resist their effects, so having high shadow resistance meant that you took significantly less shadow damage and sometimes be immune to fear & others shadows school debuff effects. Negative resistances basically did the opposite and caused you to do bonus damage to targets, so a warlock throwing up a curse of shadow on a target causing their shadow resistances to go into the negative, they could hit them for double damage shadow bolts if they crit could do a potential of four times their normal damage, which was basically a guaranteed one-shot to any player.


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