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WoW Season of Discovery Preparation and Investment Guide

By Shirley Huang2023-11-15

WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) will launch on Nov 30, and many players can't wait to play it. SoD is a new season of WoW Classic that offers a fresh and experimental way to play the game. It features new class abilities, rune engravings, level caps, and content phases that will bring challenge and surprise to all skill-level players.

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Preparing for the new season can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you're looking to invest your WoW Season of Discovery gold, time, or resources, here's a guide to help you make the most of this new season.


Research and Plan

Stay updated with official announcements and patch notes to understand the changes and updates introduced in the Season of Discovery.


Explore the new content, features, and challenges that will be available during the season to identify areas where you want to focus your investments.


Learn about the Rune Engravings System

This allows you to customize your class abilities and talents with different effects and modifiers. You can unlock runes by completing quests, dungeons, raids, and other activities. You can also trade runes with other players or buy them from the Auction House.

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Be Aware of the Level Caps and Content Phases

This will limit your progression and access to certain areas and items. Season of Discovery starts with a level cap of 25 and a phase 1 that features a revamped Blackfathom Deeps as the endgame dungeon. The level cap and content phase will increase over time, unlocking new zones, instances, and raids.


Choose A Class and Character Preparation

Choose a class that suits your playstyle and preferences. Season of Discovery introduces some new abilities and roles for each class, such as Mage healers, Shaman tanks, and Rogue healers. Review class changes and new content to decide which character(s) you want to prioritize for the season.

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Invest in Gold

Consider using gold to buy items, resources, or crafting materials that are expected to be in high demand during the season. For example,, reagents, and gear upgrades see increased demand during new content releases. 


Keep an eye on the market trends and anticipate fluctuations in prices for certain items based on the new content and player activities.


Invest in Items and Professions

Invest in items and professions to help you survive and thrive in the new mode. Some items that might be useful are bags, potions, food, water, bandages, and scrolls. Some professions that might be profitable are alchemy, enchanting, engineering, and tailoring. You can also sell runes or services related to rune engravings, such as crafting, enchanting, or removing runes.


If you have crafting professions, consider stocking up on materials or patterns that may become valuable as players engage with new content and seek upgrades. Assess the potential profitability of crafting certain items and plan your production accordingly.


Plan Leveling

You can level two characters at the same time because there are so many different classes you can try out in Classic SoD. One thing you'll do while leveling up is to do different dungeons.


For example, you can from Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and Wailing Caverns to collect different rare items on the way to level 25. By doing something like this, you will also have a decent amount of gear when you reach level 25. You can focus on gearing a character, probably a protection Paladin.


Level Talent Tree

We won't get to level 60 and unlock some of the most important abilities or spells, so instead of focusing on an old build in Classic to level 60, where you would probably play as Combat Rogue, you might be using some other talent trees this time around as they're going to be more beneficial between level 10 to 25, so I would highly recommend you to spend some time trying to plan your leveling Tree, you will level more efficiently, but you will also not have to go back to your trainer and spend gold to respec.


Farm Arena Chest

If the STV Arena chest is available, but if it could also be tempting to take a bank character to this location every 3 hours, try to collect a chest as you can gain a lot of gold from this, and the gold you could spend on purchasing new bags, spells or even leveling up the profession.

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Community Engagement

Join relevant in-game communities, guilds, or forums to stay informed about the latest strategies, investment opportunities, and group activities.

Collaborate with other players to pool resources, share knowledge, and maximize your collective investments.



Remain adaptable and open to adjusting your investments and strategies based on the evolving dynamics of the game, player behavior, and market conditions.

Embrace the spirit of discovery and exploration as you navigate the new content and opportunities presented during the season.


Time Management

Allocate your playtime efficiently to engage with the most rewarding content or activities. This might include daily quests, reputation grinds, dungeon runs, raiding, or PvP activities.

Balance your in-game pursuits with real-life responsibilities to ensure a healthy and sustainable gaming experience.


Remember that while investments in the game can be fulfilling, it's essential to maintain a healthy balance and approach gaming with a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie. Good luck with your preparations for the Season of Discovery!


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