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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Gold Making Guide

By Shirley Huang2023-11-17

Farming gold in WoW Season of Discovery can be rewarding, providing you with the currency needed to purchase mounts, gear, consumables, and more. There are numerous methods to accumulate WoW SoD gold, each with its advantages and considerations. In this guide, I will delve into various gold-farming strategies, including professions, farming routes & spots, Auction House tactics, and other lucrative activities.


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Picking Professions Wisely

Professions play a significant role in gold-making. Gathering professions such as Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning provide access to valuable resources that are consistently in demand. Herbalism allows you to gather herbs used in crafting potions, flasks, and other consumables, while Mining yields ores essential for crafting gear and other items. Skinning provides leather used in leatherworking and other professions. You can generate a steady income by collecting these raw materials and selling them in the Auction House.


Crafting professions, including Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting, offer additional avenues for profit. Crafters can create potions, gems, enchantments, and gear that are highly sought after by players. By identifying high-demand items and monitoring market prices, crafters can maximize their profits through smart production and sales strategies.


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Flipping Auction House

This is another popular method for accumulating wealth, which involves purchasing items at a low price and reselling them at a higher value. Staying informed about market trends, monitoring price fluctuations, and identifying undervalued items is crucial. Additionally, utilizing addons like Auctioneer or TradeSkillMaster can streamline the process of buying and selling on the Auction House.


Farming Valuable Items at Some Specific Locations

This is a time-honored tradition in World of Warcraft. Whether it's rare mounts, battle pets, transmog gear, or crafting materials, dedicated farming routes can yield substantial returns. For instance, farming rare mobs in specific zones can result in valuable drops such as epic gear, crafting recipes, or even unique vanity items. Furthermore, certain areas are rich in resource nodes, making them ideal for gathering materials that fetch a high price at the Auction House.

Hunt down rare mounts and pets that can be sold for a significant amount of gold. Keep an eye on world boss spawns, rare spawns, and special events that offer unique rewards.


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Grinding Mobs

Grinding mobs involves systematically defeating large numbers of non-player character enemies in a specific area to gather experience points, loot, or resources. This activity can be used to level up characters, farm for valuable items, or gather materials for professions, and it often requires efficient killing and looting techniques to maximize results.

Completing Daily Quests Tied to Reputations or Factions

Completing daily quests can also prove lucrative. Many factions offer valuable rewards, including recipes, gear, and special commodities that can be sold for a tidy sum. You can steadily amass gold over time by consistently engaging with these daily quests.


Completing New World Events and Emissary Quests

New World events and Emissary quests present opportunities for accumulating gold and valuable resources. These quests often reward players with currency, gear, and other valuable items, which can be sold for a profit.


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Running Dungeons and Raids

Another approach to gold farming involves running older or high-level dungeons and raids. Many of these instances drop valuable transmog gear, valuable crafting materials, and rare mounts. Players can acquire sought-after items to sell on the Auction House by repeatedly clearing these dungeons and raids.


Farming fire Elementals

elemental farming can be a profitable method to accumulate gold. Elementals are creatures that are imbued with the power of various elements, such as,,, and They drop elemental items, essences, and other valuable materials that can be sold at the Auction House.


Here Are the Best Gold Farming Spots:

Bastion - Farming the mobs in Bastion can be lucrative, as they drop valuable crafting materials such as Pallid Bone and Sinvyr Ore.

Revendreth - This zone offers opportunities for gold farming through various activities. Killing rare spawns like Nurgash Muckformed or farming the Stoneborns in The Banewood can provide valuable drops and gold.

Ardenweald - Farming Dreamsong Fenn, Star Lake Amphitheater, or other creature-dense areas in Ardenweald can yield gold and valuable crafting materials.

The Maw - While a dangerous zone, farming Stygia from creatures and completing daily quests in The Maw can result in significant gold gains. However, be cautious of the hostile environment and powerful enemies.


It's important to keep in mind that the effectiveness of these strategies may vary depending on your realm's economy, population, and current game content. Staying informed about patch updates and changes to in-game systems is crucial for adapting your gold-making strategies to evolving circumstances.



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