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The New Hunter Pets of Patch 6.2 in World of Warcraft

John Ryan Date: 2015-07-10 Views: 1009 wow wow goldmmogahwow petspatch 6.2wow felbound wolf

 wow hunter pets

In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, there are 13 new pets added, of which there are 8 hunter pets. There are no rare, but one of the new pets is a challenge tame — the Felbound Wolf. Just spent 20 mins figuring out the way to tame the felbound wolf and kill the 100 elite is extremely satisfying. For those that are trying you have to do it yourself. The elite will one shot everyone else in the group. Fel wolves throughout Draenor are classed as aberrations, not beasts, so normally they aren’t available for taming. However, there is a special way to temporarily make a Felbound Wolf tameable. It’s a brand new taming challenge! The Felbound Wolf uses the same model and visual effect as Gara, but it’s green instead of purple. It’s also a part of the Wolf family instead of Spirit Beasts, meaning all hunter specs of it.

Also you can tame a Fel Wolf in Tanaan Jungle. But How to do it? First, Located directly south of Fang’rila in Tanaan, there will be an elite which is called Fel Rangari Anaara. She can be found sitting atop a mushroom on the beach. She drops a single Vial of Fel Cleansing when killed, which allows a player to turn a Felbound Wolf into a tamable Beast for one minute (these wolves can be found north of Vol’mar or at the Temple of Sha’naar). Note that you can only kill her if you are a Hunter.

Now once you have killed Anaara, head to the Temple of Sha’naar area in southwestern Tanaan Jungle. You will find Felbound Wolf. Once you find a wolf, use Vial of Fel Cleansing with it targeted. This will stop it from attacking you and make it tamable for exactly 1 minute.

The video will give you a quick look at 7 of the new looks. The 8th is a red worm pet only available if you’re on a particular part of the garrison campaign. However, if someone in your party has the quest you should be able to see the worm.

So which do you like best? I like the green worm a lot more than I thought I would. It really stands out! I’m always a big fan of wolf pets. It’s nice to have a new challenge tame.

Below is also a gallery of the new pets.

 wow wolves pets

wow bat pets

wow boars pets

wow worms pets

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wow wow goldmmogahwow petspatch 6.2wow felbound wolf

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