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  • The 7 most Popular Classes in ArcheAge
    By John Ryan2015-09-25 00:00:00


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    With the 120 ArcheAge classes and numerous amount of ArcheAge information, players may confuse and get lost in choosing their classes, especially for the subscribers who are new to ArcheAge. Therefore we summarize some of the most popular classes for players to use as reference on class choosing.


    Abolisher: Role as a Tank

    Abolisher is a good tank who can release some decent damage against the classes of Archer and Melee. Moreover, this class also offers more mobility as well.


    Blighter: Role as a Melee

    It is a Melee class with high survivability against Warrior and Archer. For example, if there is a healer as a partner for a Blighter, these two classes can even vs 5 classes and get success finally. (Suppose the 5 classes are not all mages). But if a Blighter is attacked by a mage, there will be a very low survival chance for the Blighter.


    Darkrunner: Role as a Shadowblade

    Darkrunner is actually a Shadowblade, geared toward more survivability, and fast strikes rather than long combos. Darkrunner is also a class with high damage.


    Paladin: True Paladin

    Paladin has very high level of survivability against most of the 120 classes in ArcheAge, and it can also support the party with heals or by taunting dangerous enemies.


    Stone Arrow: Role as a Tank Archer

    Stone Arrow is good at countering other Archers and leather wearing Melee as well. But Stone Arrow also seems a little weak to most of mages, so players have to try to avoid the confrontation to them in the war in ArcheAge.


    Skullknight: Role as a Tank

    Skullnight is probably one of the most outstanding tanks in the game of ArcheAge. It is good at both PvE and PvP, taunting enemies, and disrupting them with Occultism skills.


    Hierophant: One of the solo kings

    Hierophant is not only good at solo fight, but also a good asset in group fights if it has the support of a party. For example, it can disable enemies’ abilities, heal allies, etc.


    In a word, each class has its own varied and fascinating abilities, and players can make choices from them based on their interests and personality.


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    archeage class

    archeage class