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The New Update of Guild Wars 2 in May 2017

By Cathy Deng2017-05-18

Good News! The new update of Guild Wars 2 has come, which is an exciting event for Guild Wars 2 players. Here MmoGah will give you a summary of this new update.



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Check out everything you need to know about this new update below.

Living World

  • Moved the Koda’s Blessing achievement from the A Crack in the Ice achievement category into the Rare Collections category.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bonus from Superior Sigils of Bounty to be removed when weapon swapping.
  • Resurrecting at a checkpoint after the end of the final cinematic in the “Heart of the Volcano” instance will no longer revive players in midair.



  • Newly created accounts must wait 72 hours before gems-to-gold transactions can be completed on the currency exchange.



  • Refined Envoy armor crafting recipes are now account bound.
  • Acquiring a piece of Refined Envoy armor now unlocks the skin for the corresponding Experimental Envoy armor piece.
  • Legendary armor pieces are no longer salvageable.



  • Added several cooking recipes to the rotation of the Pact Supply Network.


Profession Skills

In this update, Guild Wars 2 players will see some changes aimed at normalizing how certain types of skills work. Skills that tether players together now apply Revealed to provide a stronger window of opportunity to players who can successfully land them. Guild Wars 2 is increasing the casting time of many skills that apply effects like daze or stun in order to give the player on the receiving end of these skills time to react and defend.


Structured Player vs. Player

GW2 has revised the sigils available in PvP. Players who had a sigil that is no longer available will have their money refunded.


PvP default builds have been adjusted in consideration of the sigil rework.


World vs. World


  • Tactivators and supply depots should now be easier to interact with.
  • Updated the laurel vendor in WvW to include the amulets, trinkets, and rings.


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