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Crafting Changes and Core World Changes in SWTOR Fallen Empire

John RyanOctober 10th, 2015 11206

I have introduced the new 4.0 class changes and cartel market changes and combat changes in SWTOR in my last essay, here I continue to introduce crafting and core world changes in Fallen Empire in detail.

The New 4.0 Class Changes in SWTOR

John RyanOctober 02nd, 2015 10647

 New Active Ability: Mad Dash/Blade Blitz! The new active ability can make you dash forward 20 meters, deal weapon damage to enemies in your path and increase your defense chance by 100% while dashing. However, it cannot be used while immobilized or hindered, has a 45 second cooldown and can be attained at level 61.

New Level 60, Story, Romance, Chapter 1 in Knights of the Fallen Empire

John RyanSeptember 30th, 2015 10028

Knights of the Fallen Empire will hit this October, what an exciting news! Players will have the opportunity to get an instant level 60 character. Here is what you need to know (introduced by MmoGah ).

New Types of Data, Search Filters, Usability Improvements in SWTOR Data Update

John RyanSeptember 25th, 2015 8477

There are 12 new types of data to SWTOR data in this update, they are respectively Ability, Mission, NPC, Codex, Decoration, Reputation, Stronghold, GSF Ship, Achievement, Collection, Legacy title, Player title.

The Newest Summary of Highlights in SWTOR

John RyanSeptember 23rd, 2015 9994

In terms of SWTOR’s standing versus other MMOs, I’m going to be really straightforward: It’s not ‘better than’ WoW (easiest comparison since most of you have played WoW), but it has qualities better than WoW. It is not a better MMO, if only because of the engine and overall game fidelity. It also has cooler strongholds, better story and more intimate companions.

The Two Main Changes That Players Should Grasp about Knights of the Fallen Empire Section Two

John RyanSeptember 18th, 2015 9315

Compared with Flashpoint, there is a larger change in Operations. In that every single SWTOR’s Operation will be raised to level 65! There are a new tier of Elder Game gear and new vanity rewards in each Operation.

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