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poe builds

Do You Want to Know the Top 3 Least Gear Dependent Builds in PoE

Leo JiangJanuary 30th, 2018 9281

Path of Exile likes its gameplay systems that seek to create and transform the way that ARPGs are made and played as an action role-playing game.

How Many Character Builds Do You Know in Path of Exile

Leo JiangJanuary 10th, 2018 9052

The key point for players in a game is being able to create countless character builds, you may think that it looks like other action role-playing games wherein you can do the same thing.

How to Make the Best PoE Build

Leo JiangDecember 28th, 2017 10915

Path of Exile design is that there is lots of creativity that can't be found in other role-playing games. The depth and breadth are the big parts of that, one is for making builds in this game, there is a lot of players get into.

How Can You Make Cost Free and Realistic Marauder Build in PoE

Leo JiangDecember 26th, 2017 6852

What do you want in Path of Exile? Do you need an Exile that doesn’t have kiting, fancy skill combos or buy PoE Items with high value? Then this basic Marauder build should be suitable. There are some main points of this build below:

What Are the Top Five Builds in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 12th, 2017 12024

Some Players think that Path of Exile is more than just another action role-playing game, it is something like an endurance and intellect game.

What Is the Least Item Dependent Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 11th, 2017 7938

A lot of things about Path of Exile makes such a great game, but it seems to not easy to get into. Due to the various systems looks horrible in the game at first, particularly due to the vastness passive skill tree looks more like a skill forest.

Critical Rain of Arrows Shadow Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 07th, 2017 9341

When players start playing Path of Exile, some of them who have played action role-playing games want to make a character build that will get them start with the game in the best way without any premium Path of Exile Items and equipment to start with.

What Is Dual Curse Pledge of Hands Arc Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 27th, 2017 10230

In Path of Exile, there are several characters builds have the potential to wreak havoc and devastation for enemies in the game. It is true for character builds that turn out to be popular later when more players try them out and see their effectiveness.

How to Make Arcane Archer Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 23rd, 2017 10101

The role of space and distance is a determinant in combat of what a character can do and cannot do in action role-playing games.

How to Make Elemental Animator Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 21st, 2017 8206

In Path of Exile, commanding the elements is central to the concept of magic. Everyone who has played the game for a long time has seen or played with the almighty Witch with lots of splash and AoE damage, killing enemies.

Top 3 Marauder Builds in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 17th, 2017 33205

In Path of Exile, Marauders are divided into the tanky and beef class. The melee attacks are different from heavy damage single target to the massive area of effect or AOE attacks, which is crucial to solo gameplay and grinding.

What Is Arc Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 15th, 2017 9681

This Arc build has been making Path of Exile by storm, due to the high level of HP, and the cheapness in terms of Path of Exile Items, and ease of playability even on Solo runs.

Dual Flame Totem Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 10th, 2017 9713

As a Path of Exile player, you can play with a melee character first and then choose a ranged combat character. The next logical step is a caster, but when a lot of casual players become apprehensive as magic characters,

Path of Exile: Types of Ancestral Warchief Build

Leo JiangOctober 11th, 2017 9922

Path of Exile Players who have Ancestral Protector builds await for the Ascendancy Content eagerly. Aside from the PoE Items, Rewards and Endgame Labyrinth, it brings them a higher tier of skills which should raise damage output. One of them is the Ancestral Warchief.

Proposed Scion Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangSeptember 21st, 2017 10037

What makes Path of Exile from all the other online RPGs is how much the developers Grinding Gear Games involved in the game and the community.

Burning Discharge Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangSeptember 19th, 2017 9502

In Path of Exile, the Burning Discharge build has got to be the most talkative of all the character builds if a high-level character has been decked out with the best Path of Exile Items due to its storied development and how much damage it can dish out on the enemy.

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