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exalted orb

How to Make Fast Clearing in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, if there's one resource people who play a lot but easy to ignore, the answer is time. Whatever else you can put up some PoE Currency for trade, there are 24 hours in a day that you get to make use of stuff, including playing the game.

Hiding Places in Path of Exile

A lot of features have been added to Path of Exile, even before The Fall of Oriath expansion came out. Grinding Gear Games keep the game fresh and maintain its free-to-play status, and that certainly doesn't seem like very easy.

The Fall of Oriath New PoE Items Are on Sale Now

The Fall of Oriath launches in less than several hours. I know all players are eager to get prepared before the launch. Some new and exciting PoE Items are going to be part of the Fall of Oriath expansion.

Hardcore Approach in Path of Exile

There is concern about how players can take to the new patch Fall of Oriath when it comes out on Aug 4, especially from a genre as beloved. It is no problem for those who are familiar and fans of genre in Path of Exile,

Why We Choose MmoGah to Buy PoE Items

With the coming largest patch Fall of Oriath, Path of Exile certainly will be successful in numerous MMORPGS. The official website has made a countdown board and we all know that it will be released on Aug 4. You can experience new content and features, new skill gems as well as some new unique poe items.

How to Make Good Use of PoE Builds, Gems in the Breach League

As Standard and Hardcore leagues, the Breach Challenge League is available to be used, and players can create these breaches to kill monsters in Path of Exile.

Are You Still Hesitate Whether to Play Path of Exile or Not

Path of Exile has been released for quite some time. The Fall of Oriath will be available on 4 Aug, so I think the new patch will attract more and more players which include some previous old players.

Path of Exile Beta on Xbox One Launches Today

When we open Path of Exile official website, we receive a good news that The Path of Exile Beta on Xbox One has been released today. I think that is a piece of good news for all poe fans, although it is only a beta version. As you know the previous PC version has enjoyed remarkable success since 2013.

Do You Need to Buy Pets in Path of Exile

Online MMORPGS seem to have something in common, right, the pet. Having a virtual animal or familiar of sorts by his/her side seems to be universal now in online gaming, Path of Exile is certainly no exception.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Chaos Orb in Path of Exile

Chaos Orb is one of the best and most useful PoE Items in Path of Exile. For PoE players, this is a key virtual currency to build their financial or item strength in the game. It is very useful to reforge a junk, a piece of equipment into something.

What are the Best PoE Skill Gems

The fantastic thing about Path of Exile is that as long as you meet the requirements, you can put the gem into a corresponding slot in one of your poe items, then you can use any active skills. As the gem can level up so you can use it more and make the active skill grow stronger.

Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath Will Come Soon on August 4

Action RPG Fall of Oriath for Path of Exile will be out on August 4. The expansion will include six acts and a whole lot of deicide. It will double the size of the current game and add a new Pantheon character customization system that lets players wield the power of the Gods themselves.

What Tips You Should Know in Path of Exile

Usually most green hands make the same mistake that they assume Path of Exile likes most other MMORPGs. But if you carefully know this game, you will find that it's quite different from the others in a lot of ways.

How to Choose a Reliable PoE Items Seller

Most of senior players know the importance of PoE Items, for example, it can help you to improve your armor and weapon quality, and enchant a rare item with a new random property. However, it is not easy to get Path of Exile Items you want. So we need to buy it from a reliable seller.

Path of Exile - What Do You Think the Good and Bad

Since Path of Exile launched in 2013, we have witnessed this game for more than 4 years. According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of players play PoE now.

How Can You Buy Cheap PoE Items at MmoGah

No Player can play a certain MMORPG without virtual money or currency, most games use gold as the virtual currency except Tree of Savior, it uses tree of savior silver. In Path of Exile, we don’t have gold or silver, but we have to use PoE Items to level up our equipment.

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