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Useful Strategy Tips of Star Wars Battlefront Beta

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is going to be available soon for all of the Star Wars fans.  The dream of crossing the galaxy will come true and will be enjoyed by Rebels and Imperials alike. To help the Star Wars fans preparing for it, here we provide some useful tips below.


In order to be a master of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, you should learn how to gain an edge playing the Drop Zone and Walker Assault game modes well. See the specific strategy tips of Walker Assault on Hoth in the following of the essay.


  • You should have the consciousness of where you should go. Players should control not only territorial sky, but also the territory of land. Protection of uplinks is crucial to each team, therefore if you want to win the battle, you protect your uplinks well while attacking enemy’s.

  • In this Outpost Beta, the whole map is larger than before, so you should stay on the Move. Unlocking and equipping the Therrmal Detonator allows you to clear areas and open paths. Try your best to make it easier to find a route for running away when it’s most critical.

  • Built your own army contribution, maximize your damage against enemy team. Accordingly, “The most useful items against vehicles are the ion-enhanced weapons, such as the Ion Shot and the Ion Grenade. The Ion Shot charges your weapon with ion bolts for a limited amount of time, allowing you to deal extra damage to AT-ATs and other vehicles.”

Target Objective Efficient Weapons against the Objective
Vehicles The Ion Shot & The Ion Grenade
AT-ATs The Ion Shot

  • As Imperial, you should try to push forward and set up defenses

First Phase: Make more pushes until Imperial has secured either uplink.

Second Phase: Make a further push to set up a defense and minimize the enemy’s chances of activating the uplink after an uplink secured.

Secret Tip: The Squad Shield power card is useful for setting up a perimeter.


  • Sneaky Rebels.

First Phase: There are only a few seconds left before AT-Ats can make it to the first or second checkpoint. Try to approach to the walkers by using the outpost inside the mountain. It will prevent  your team from suffering the wrath of their Orbital Strike or heavy blasters.

Second Phase:  AT-ATs can only be attacked by Y-wings, so try to keep distance until you figure out the safest and most useful attacking plan.


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