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US / EU SWTOR Gold Landing Pages Are Adjusted Together at MmoGah

Recently, MmoGah has been focusing on adjusting its US SWTOR Gold landing page and EU SWTOR Gold landing page, and finally decides to put both pages together. The new adjusted swtor gold landing page has been completed yet. Why do we do this?


Placing US / EU SWTOR Gold Order at the Same Page

Separating US SWTOR Gold landing page from EU SWTOR Gold landing page brings much inconvenience to customers who always hesitate to buy either swtor credits (us) or swtor credits (eu), or who want to buy both us / eu swtor credits. Therefore, Mmogah wants to adjust both landing pages together and provide more convenient and fast service for our swtor customers. Luckily, all customers will not be bothered by webpage turning.

Being Convenient for Customers to Buy EU SWTOR Gold from Organic Search

Now, Mmogah is No.1 SWTOR Gold seller in google, so more and more traffic are from organic search. When swtor customers search swtor gold via google, our US swtor gold landing page is No.1, which make customers who want to buy EU swtor gold have to switch to EU swtor gold landing page. Now, the trouble has been resolved and no matter which swtor gold you want to buy, you can directly click our link and place your orders when you search “swtor gold” in google.

The Price of Both US SWTOR Gold and EU SWTOR Gold Can Be Comparatively Obvious

The price of swtor gold is what most swtor customers care about, so they usually compare the price with other webs. Before they may separately compare the price of US SWTOR Gold and EU SWTOR Gold with other webs, isn’t it troublesome? Now, everything is on the same page and you can see clearly the price, by the way MmoGah adjusts its price twice a day according to gaming market, and we insist on mailing fast and safe gold to our customers at a reasonable price.


The One New SWTOR Gold Landing Page Looks More Neat than Two Separated Landing Page.

MmoGah is improving and optimizing its website all the time, and making it better and better so that all our customers can see a diversified, advanced and professional MMO Gold selling website. Therefore we change two pages into one page, in order to make it look neat and leave space for other MMORPGs added sooner or later.


Up to now, some customers have placed order from our new adjusted swtor gold landing page, and they think that this change makes them place their orders so easily, especially EU SWTOR Gold orders. MmoGah hopes that more customers like the new change, and more new customers will easily place their orders.


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