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The Ultimate Showdown with Arcann Is Online: SWTOR-The Battle of Odessen

Helen Keller Date: August 15th, 2016 Views: 14497 swtor chapter 16 swtor kotet swtor gold swtor credits swtor

BioWare and Lucasfilm have released the climatic chapter in SWTOR-KotFE on August 11. Now, all active SWTOR subscribers can now play through The Battle of Odessen and confront Arcann and his powerful fleet in a full-scale assault that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Against all odds, players must risk everything for the chance to defeat Arcann and the Eternal Empire once and for all.

There are two new gameplay experiences with this new chapter:

1. New Battle Cartel Market Pack: Inspired by the climactic new chapter, this pack contains a varity of new items which may include never-before-seen gear, like the Ruthless Scion Armor and ISO Droid Companion!


2. New Guss Companion Alliance Mission: Recruit the wily Mon Calamari scoundrel, Guess Tuno, as your Companion. When the Alliance receives a lead on the identity of a potential new recruit, the Outlander’s search unveils the most unlikely Jedi candidate-serving as apprentice under a man of questionable character.


There has never been a better time to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. All SWTOR fans can now play Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 1: The Hunt for free. All active subscribers can play beyond Chapter 1 through latest released chapter, The Battle of Odessen for free. And those who wish to complete exciting side challenges can join the Dark vs Light Event all summer to earn epic new rewards and make dark or light side choices that impact the galaxy.


For the new chapter, there are pros and cons during the hot debate-Final Chapter Is Awesome:

The thread says that just played the final chapter in KOFTE. LOVED IT!!! Great ending, awesome plot twists, with lots of stuff for the next expansion. Well worth your time.


There are obviously different standpoints like Arcann’s story arc is left unresolved and only really advances in this final chapter. Vaylin and Scorpio are pretty much the same, just in new positions. What really happens over the course of 16 chapters? You depose one bland villain who is immediately replaced by another bland villian. None of the dangling plot strings are resolved. We don’t know anything more about the Gravestone, Valkorian, the origins of the Eternal Fleet or Scorpio. It was a 16 chapter recruitment drive with an ending that denies you the freedom to choose the ending not once, but twice.

The only effective difference between when the Outlander is awoken and when chapter 16 concludes is that Arcann and Senya are gone, and Zakuul and the Alliance are on a more even footing. For all the promotional material talking about the player being the Outlander, the real protagonist of the story was Arcann. His is the only character with an arc, and it wasn’t a very interesting one. Edit: His arc would have worked better if we had seen some vulnerability from him before the end of chapter 16. Instead he just growls and scowls the entire time.


What’s more, announced to release this fall, BioWare and Lucasfilm will continue the Outlander’s storyline in a new expansion, SWTOR-Knight of the Eternal Throne. All SWTOR fans can stay up-to-date with the latest expansion news here. You guys, what will you expect from next expansion? Please focus on Mmogah SWTOR News, ps: if you need to purchase swtor gold/swtor credits, come to Mmogah.com and we will not let you down!


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