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The Two Main Changes That Players Should Grasp about Knights of the Fallen Empire Section Two

John Ryan September 18th, 2015 SWTOR   

Mmogah has introduced the section one to all players in last essay, here we will go on the introduction of the second main change-Operations.


  • Compared with Flashpoint, there is a larger change in Operations. In that every single SWTOR’s Operation will be raised to level 65! There are a new tier of Elder Game gear and new vanity rewards in each Operation. Players will play Story Mode Operations from Level 50 to Level 65, and will make sure that everyone in your group is prepared via Bolster! Soa will be the ancient Rakatan Warlord who threatens to take over the Galaxy again.


  • The official is making some Quality of Life improvements on Operations in the Group Finder. Each day, a new Story Mode Operation will be available in Group Finder, and will drop relevant gear for your characters.


  • You will gain Nightmare Mode in all the Operations, just like the highlighted Hard Mode. All the unique mounts and titles can be available currently.


  • When it comes to Hard Mode Operations, one Operation per week will be highlighted to give greater rewards!


  • Many players like the Operations and wait for the introductions of new challenges, while there will not be any new Operations in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Therefore, the official feels it is important to first address some of the issues with the Elder Game before moving on to the new content. The official designers will be allowed to be more flexible with how to release new content, because the content no longer needs to be tied to a new gear tier or level cap increase. Without new Operations, you will have a lot of content to play at the level cap. In the following parts, Mmogah will show something that you will be able to play in Knights of the Fallen Empire!


These 8 and 16-Player Operations are all available at level 65 in both Story and Hard modes. A different Story Mode Operation will be available in the Group Finder each day.

Eternity Vault (5 bosses)

Karagga’s Palace (5 bosses)

Explosive Conflict (4 bosses)

Terror From Beyond (5 bosses)

Scum and Villainy (7 bosses)

Golden Fury (1 boss)

Dread Fortress (5 bosses)

Dread Palace (5 bosses)

Ravagers (5 bosses)

Temple of Sacrifice (5 bosses)


Up to now, Mmogah has finished two main changes’ introductions and hopes to help you a lot. So, all of you just need to prepare enough SWTOR gold and totally enjoy Knights of the Fallen Empire.


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