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The Top 7 Interesting Stories in SWTOR

When it comes to SWTOR, more players like the interesting stories better than upgrades. There are many interesting stories provided for all SWTOR players to choose, among these stories Imperial stories are more popular than Republic stories. Here, Mmogah will rate the story lines as follows:

 No.1 Sith Warrior Stories – Most players like it very much! Everything from the start on Korriban, to the epic climax, even the combat style itself makes you feel powerful and like a force of nature. As if you are Darth Vader marching through the world, nothing can stop you and everybody who tries will perish. Players absolutely loved it. It is also the Imperial class story that is the closest to the actual conflict Empire/Republic. Just as Vader, you are a one man army that steers the outcome of the war.


No.2 Imperial Agent Stories - The Warrior makes you feel epic. But from a pure story line point of view, Agent is actually better than the warrior story. The warrior story is very predictable, because it is pure Sith, but the agent story line has so many twists and surprises! What you do and who your character is in the bigger picture also changes in every chapter I think.


No.3 Jedi Knight Stories - Again, it is very predictable. You get what you expect. You are a hero of the Republic, sent to deal with the most difficult crises, having to use diplomacy, sometimes violence while always struggling to stay true to the code. They throw in some twists to make you stray to the dark side, showing the constant struggle a Jedi lives with. And the ending is very good, albeit questionable.


No.4 Sith Inquisitor Stories - You will expect very much from a Sith sorcerer/force user. Here the Warrior uses brute strength, the Inquisitor is all about the secrets and old rituals side of the Sith. It’s good, but it didn't make you feel as epic as the warrior. The ending is also very predictable.


No.5 Bounty Hunter Stories – You will be detached from the war efforts until the late game. The last chapter is actually the best I think. The reason that the BH is before the last two, is because you can play the story in so many different mind sets. You can be a pure mercenary scumbag with no loyalties but your paycheck or you can be a nice guy who has morals and tries to influence the outcome of the war for the better.


No.6 Jedi Consular & Trooper Stories - I think both stories are not bad. Trooper feels almost like Mass Effect. Assemble your team and then win the end battle. The Consular story line is actually kind of boring at times and it feels like a reverse Inquisitor story.


No.7 Smuggler Stories – It has fewer loyal players. While you enjoy the dialogues and the combat as a gunslinger, the story line itself is meh. You are a smuggler, and that is exactly what you do... like smuggling stuff. All the time. If you think of your classic Star Wars characters. Han Solo is just a funny guy who happens to be involved by pure accident. He even wants to leave after his job is done. And that is exactly how the smuggler in SWTOR feels. A funny guy, who has a joke for every situation, gets all the ladies and for whom saving his own neck always comes first. It’s funny at times.


All the top 7 interesting stories are just summarized by MmoGah from the elite SWTOR players. Hope to provide reference for players who hesitate to choose suitable stories and can really enjoy the game. Maybe some players want to level fast, I will say that the fastest way to level is to sub and play only class missions, be in a guild with 10% bonus and also XP boosts (when you sub, SWTOR Gold must be needed). If you want to know more about upgrades, please keep your eyes on our news.


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