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The Relevant Discussions of Cartel Pack Changes with the GEMINI Pack

Yesterday, the official made a few changes to how Cartel Packs work with the release of the GEMINI pack. First: Grand Chance Cubes/Bronze Items. In the past few months, folks have given their feedback to the official and they preferred to receive Bronze items rather than Chance Cubes, so the official re-introduced Bronze items back into the Cartel Pack. The official introduced multiple Bronze items into the GEMINI Pack and has reduced the drop rate of Grand Chance Cubes. Second: Pack Pricing Changes. Pre-KotFE Packs (2 pack items) - 300 Cartel Coins discounted to 250 Cartel Coins for launch. KotFE Launch Packs (1 pack item) - 200 Cartel Coins. GEMINI Pack (2 pack items) - 300 Cartel Coins discounted to 250 Cartel Coins for launch. All folks have discussed the changes hotly, and I will list 3 main discussions in the following parts.

#1Given that nobody seems to have noticed (or at least rode to BW's defense on their gleaming white chargers) that the packs per crate count had risen, much less that the items per pack had also risen, I'll have to agree that this might have been a good idea to have posted yesterday.


I'm getting the impression that this patch was finalized a lot later than usual, and some of the post-finalization tasks were rushed and/or overlooked.

#2 The price increase is still not acceptable, if the packs gave for example 6x more items (so 120 items instead of giving 20) what they give now then you had a very good reason to increase the pack price. Let me remind you all that the drop rates of the 5500 hypercrates since 4.0 are very low on deco's and quite bad, the old hypercrates where also way to expensive and terrible drop rates. It was better if you lowered the price to 2500 cartel coins, because that is more to true price, no scrap that better to make it 1000 cc. Paying 40 bucks for getting random items is insane. And let me remind you all, that people who bought the packs say we got less now then we got before, so no Eric tell your bosses there to reduce the price 6x, because this is legal money grabbing and it is absurd, you should feel ashamed about it. People do not let yourself being foolish to participate with this, like I said keep your 40 bucks, it is more worth around 10.”

#3 I'm sorry but this explanation doesn't improve my opinion on the packs.


* Bronze items are already very common and cheap to buy with credits in the GTN soon after a pack is released. Chance Cubes were worth 500,000 credits in the GTN while bronze items quickly drop to a range of 5k to 20k. Swapping a 500k item for a 5k item is not an improvement.


* The pack contents needed improving to make them worth the previous cost. You improved the contents. By also increasing the cost, you're right back to the same problem. The contents are not worth the price.


* With the reduction of rewards for Heroic quests, it will now be harder to obtain pack items on the GTN. This also contributes to making the situation worse for players.

It seems that new packs contain less and cost more, now folks are almost talking about this and more detailed discussions are here. As a result folks lose their interest and fewer folks buy credits from professional swtor gold sites to insist on playing the game. Luckily, the chapter 16 will be coming in July, and we hope the existing problems will be solved then, and more players will re-play SWTOR. At that time, if you guys need swtor gold, you can choose us to buy cheap, safe and fast swtor credits. Look forward to your coming!

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