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The Newest Summary of Highlights in SWTOR

In terms of SWTOR’s standing versus other MMOs, I’m going to be really straightforward: It’s not ‘better than’ WoW (easiest comparison since most of you have played WoW), but it has qualities better than WoW. It is not a better MMO, if only because of the engine and overall game fidelity. It also has cooler strongholds, better story and more intimate companions.

There are so many highlights in SWTOR which successfully attract lots of loyal SWTOR players.

1) Stories are probably the most unique and best parts of SWTOR, so do not spacebar (skip) through the conversations.

    Agent has best story from a writing perspective

Bounty Hunter has best story from an RP perspective

Warrior has best story from badass perspective

Inquisitor has best story from colicoid perspective.

1-50 class stories are the best parts of the game until the latest expansion, I suggest playing Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Jedi Knight.

2) The Lore is great, also there are lots of things to explore and some nice puzzles with datacrons. There is a great deal of lore, if you are willing to read the Codex.

3) Gameplay is close to old school WoW, some classes have lots of abilities, rotations and no auto attacks.

4) A lot of freedom to choose how your gear will look, but for an early player, it is limited how many credits you can find. However, you still make a good look. I just want to add that you can usually put together a pretty good-looking set of gear on the cheap on the starter planets-take a moment to preview the junk white gear drops and quest/dropped greens before you sell them on the vendor (Not just the vendors - mob drops too. Particularly good for Jedi gear), you can put together some nice outfits for a few hundred credits, since the cost to stamp the look to the outfit tab scales by level. Maybe, some players usually scrounge through their decently sized collections, something not possible for a new player.

5) There are a lot of character customization options: outfits, dyes, collections. Tanks in PVP are not useless, unlike most other MMO’s. GSF is a great experience if space combat and dogfighting are your things. All specs are perfectly viable for all types of content (leveling as healer or tank is perfectly fine). So you can play as whatever you want since level 10.


There are still lots of highlights in SWTOR that I do not mention, so I am collecting more vital highlights, if you think that my summary is not bad, please keep your eyes on our SWTOR NEWS! I will try my best not to let you disappointed. In the last, I believe that you all know about the importance of SWTOR Gold/ SWTOR Credits in game, here I sincerely introduce the best gold seller-MmoGah in my heart, it is the safest, fastest and cheapest gold seller I ever saw. You can try to order in MmoGah, then you will believe what I say.


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