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The New 4.0 Class Changes in SWTOR

There are some new 4.0 class changes in SWTOR, MmoGah will introduce these changes to you in detail.

Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior

  • New Active Ability: Mad Dash/Blade Blitz! The new active ability can make you dash forward 20 meters, deal weapon damage to enemies in your path and increase your defense chance by 100% while dashing. However, it cannot be used while immobilized or hindered, has a 45 second cooldown and can be attained at level 61.

  • Master Strike has been renamed Blade Dance. The Master Strike ability of Jedi Knight has been renamed “Blade Dance” because Soresu Form reduces the Focus gained by “Strike” abilities (Strike, Sundering Strike, and Warding Strike), but Master Strike does not generate or cost Focus-so its name is out of place with the conventions of the rest of the class. No change needs to be made for Sith Warriors who gain Rage with “Assault” abilities (as Ravage does not contain the word “Assault” in it).




  • New Passive Skill: Devious Wounds/Smoldering Burns! Annihilate/Merciless Slash makes your bleeds/burns deal 10% more damage for 3 seconds after you activate it (percentage and duration subject to change).

  • Annihilate/Merciless Slash is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).

  • Force Rend/Force Melt is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).

  • Swift Demise/Accelerating Victory is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).



  • New Passive Skill: Bloody Slashes/Burning Slices! Ravage/Blade Dance stacks a bleed/burn on the target (stacks up to 3 times). Each time Ravage/Blade Dance deals damage, it will add a new stack to the bleed/burn. Dealing damage when it is applied, each time a stack is added, and every 3 seconds for 9 seconds after Ravage/Blade Dance finishes adding stacks.

  • Gore/Precision is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).

  • Devastating Blast/Clashing Blast is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).

  • Sever/Saber Storm is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).



  • New Passive Skill: Furious Rage/Centered Focus! Furious Strike/Concentrated Slice makes your next Raging Burst/Focused Burst or Smash/Force Sweep deal 15% more critical damage.

  • Force Crush/Force Exhaustion is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).

  • Furious Strike/Concentrated Slice is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).

  • Furious Defense/Concentrated Defense is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).


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