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The Difference between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire

By John Ryan
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There are two main playable factions-the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire in SWTOR. Each faction has its own features which often makes SWTOR players hesitate to choose which faction they will join. Therefore, through comparing the difference between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire it helps players better identify their choices.

Definition difference:

l  Generally speaking, the Galactic Republic is the symbol of justice, which is a vast democracy led by a Supreme Chancellor and is protected by the Jedi and its somewhat advanced militaries, along with the occasional volunteers. The playable classes for the republic are the Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Consular.


l  In general, the Sith Empire is the symbol of evil, which is a militaristic society where members with the best powers and skill succeed while the weak members die or are enslaved. The whole faction revolves around power, with back stabbing and organized rises to power commonly expected; however it also follows strict orderly rules, that if broken can lead to great success or even worse punishment. The playable classes for the Sith Empire are the Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor.


The playable class difference:

l  The Galactic Republic:

1)       Trooper: Troopers are the republic’s front line forces. They wear heavy armors and use blaster rifles and cannons as their weapons. They use ammos as their resource and are able to deal damage over time but most of their damage comes from direct instant cast spells, much like WoW hunters.

2)       Smuggler: Smuggler is the republic’s other non-Jedi class which is a pretty dynamic class and can fit lots of different play styles. Smugglers can tank, heal, or do damage between their two advanced classes. They use energy as their resource. Smuggler is the only republic class who uses cover in combat.

3)       The Jedi Knight: The Jedi Knight is one of the republic’s melee tanking and damage classes, which uses either a single lightsaber or two and wears a heavy armor. The Jedi Knights use focus as their recourse that acts much like warrior’s rage or a death knight’s runic power.

4)       The Jedi Consular: The Jedi Consular is the republic’s only caster class which uses a single or double bladed lightsaber. The Jedi Consulars can either heal much like druids or do damage much like rogues, they wear light armors and use force, like mana, as their recourse.

l  The Sith Empire:

1)       Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter is the Empire’s equivalent of the trooper and functions much the same. Bounty Hunters wear heavy armors and can tank, heal, or dps.

2)       Sith Warrior: Sith Warrior is the Empire’s equivalent to the Jedi Knight, Sith Warriors can tank or deal damage and wear heavy armors.

3)       Imperial Agent: Imperial Agent is the Empire’s equivalent of the smuggler, Imperial Agents use covers and sniper rifles to take out enemies and they can do damage or heal.

4)       The Sith Inquisitor: The Sith Inquisitor is the Empire’s equivalent of the Jedi Consular. The Sith Inquisitors can tank, heal, and deal damage.


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