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The Companion Gear Changes and Influence Added in SWTOR 4.0

I have introduced SWTOR KotFE Early Access-Companion System Changes in my last essay. I believe that all SWTOR lovers are as excited as me, because the new expansion is really amazing and fantastic. Here, I will be further to share the companion system changes with all of you in detail.


Companion Gear Now Purely Aesthetic, Companion Combat Stats Scale With Level:

  • With the release of Game Update 4.0 in October, companions will no longer gain combat stats from their gear; companion gear will become purely aesthetic. This change also means that players can now freely use non-moldable gear pieces to dress companions, without having to be worried about subpar stats! This separates style and function, and gives you the maximum in options for how to dress your companions.


  • As far as companion combat performance goes, all companions will now have baseline combat stats that automatically scale with your character level, which means that no matter which companion you summon, no matter how long it has been since you last summoned them, they will always be able to at least perform at an adequate baseline level.


  • Moreover, although companions don’t gain stats from gear, there are still ways to develop their power, which is now accomplished by building Influence.


  • The official is going to be removing gear slots from companions that do not impact that companion’s appearance, as those slots no longer serve any function. (Any gear equipped in slots that have been removed will be mailed back to players via in-game mail).


“Influence” is Replacing Companion Affection:

  • With the release of Game Update 4.0, companions will no longer have “Affection”, they will  have "Influence" instead. The Affection that a player has gained with each of their companions will be converted directly into Influence at a 1:1 ratio when the change happens.


  • Whereas Affection is a measure of how much a given companion likes you (thus it goes up and down as you make decisions that the companion does and does not like). When you make decisions with a companion, whether that companion likes or dislikes the decision you’ve made, you will still build Influence with them (as your decision still has a narrative story Influence over them in some way).


  • What’s more, when Influence goes up and down, it does not mean that the character necessarily likes you more, or that they don’t disagree with your decisions. A character with which you have an incredibly high Influence score may still despise you, make it known in conversation, and then act upon their dislikes of you when the opportunity arises.


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