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The Brand New Level 60 Character in SWTOR

John Ryan October 14th, 2015 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

Preferred players are capped at 14 active slots instead of the 16 you have now, so you can lose 2 slots you paid for, which has happened on many players. Here, MmoGah will introduce the new Level 60 character in detail, then you will totally understand the situation.


Character limit – If you are at 22 character limit and you create a new L60 character, it will add a new slot for you up to a cap of 40-50 character per server. If you don’t want to make new L60 characters you can buy more character slots.


Starter Gear: New L60 characters will get legacy bound 188 blue gear that you can transfer to other characters if you like the appearance.


Mastery – All the main stat has been consolidated into Mastery. Crit is now all one stat (critical rating and surge are now one stat).


Tutorial Mode – Tutorial mode means you won’t have access to all the abilities and they will show up as you progress in Chapter 1. You can turn off this tutorial mode immediately. It is more meant for new players to avoid overwhelming them with all the abilities.


Discipline window – You get a new utility point and an additional utility in the heroic tier.

What you need to complete before KotFE: You don’t need to complete anything before Fallen Empire (i.e. no SOR, RoTHC class story etc). However, once you start KotFE you cannot go back and complete them again. This only applies to story missions, you can still do the side quests etc.


Crew skills on new L60: New characters get all the previous companions and crew skill auto L500. You will get appropriate crew skills for your class (i.e. bounty hunter get armormech, scavenging, and underworld trading)


Companions: You can still customize the appearance of your companions. Their stats are influenced by your level and your influence with that companion. You can change their role selection to damage, tank, heals etc out of combat. Companion gear you farmed from Yavin will be made legacy and can be used for players (except the weapons).


All in all, the changes of new Level 60 first gives the average preferred player a lot of available character space, especially up from 2 for a regular F2P character, which adds perceived value; second entices more hardcore or completionist players of the preferred-type to sub up so that they have access to additional character slots to "finish their collection" as it were, in order to create additional sales. Therefore, the new Level 60 characters are really worthwhile for SWTOR players to play, please hurry up to subscribe it with SWTOR Gold/Credits.


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