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SWTOR: What Will You Expect for The Next Expansion

Helen Keller March 14th, 2018 SWTOR   

The current expansion - Knights of the Eternal Throne (In December 2016) was released as the sixth expansion that coincided with the game’s five-year anniversary. It continues the story of the Outlander. Subscribers received one level 65 character token, with additional tokens available at the cartel store. The storyline has nine chapters of solo content and it raises the level cap to 70. The expansion focuses on defeating Empress Vaylin and the Eternal Empire. Now SWTOR fans have gradually lost interest in playing KotET and now start expecting for the next expansion. MmoGah (a swtor credits selling website) shows what some swtor players expect for the next expansion.

Player Flamboskumpdi says that something he’d like to see is the game going back to its republic vs empire roots. That was always more interesting for him than everybody fighting a bigger common enemy. But it would be better if it happened through instanced pvp and pve content since world pvp just isn’t a fair concept. He would like to see the game put more focus on pvp and blend the story elements into it, since he finds those aspects to be the strength of this game. He has always found Ops and Flashpoints to be uninteresting and He thinks if they found a way to blend the storytelling with pvp content they could produce real quality. He also hopes they expand more on already existing planets like Balmorra and Tatooine. It’s a shame that there are so many throwaway hub-planets from previous expansions just being forgotten. He feels it would be more fun if they spend more time on the planets with strong lore that they love, rather than just something small that will just be forgotten later. And since the maps and planets are designed the way they are it shouldn’t be a problem to be just expand on them.


Player Kitteh6660 says:

1. More horizontal progression. Item rating should end at 250. Unique rewards should be more on the cosmetic side. Existing high-level items can just be spread throughout levels 70-75. There are enough items to even fill out all the way to level 80! If the level cap is to be raised, do not raise the level requirement for ranked warzones. Keep it at 70. The endgame should be cosmetic, and the best gear should only provide 5% higher stats than the easily-acquired gear.


2. Loosened F2P restrictions with raised credit cap to 500k/1m. Even allow them to reach level 70, but with no Galactic Command. Access to story operations without loot for the purpose of quests, no weekly warzones limit.


3. Fix the engine already! Having to run SWTOR as administrator mode and compatibility mode for smooth performance is a sign of poor optimization.


4. No more overpowered abilities, please! Shift the abilities down so that the last one unlocks at level 60. There are some 4-level gaps as opposed to usual 2-level gaps. He wouldn’t mind having more utility points.


Player SirUrza says that his wish list:

1. Traditional MMO leveling content

2. New Raid

3. New Huttball Map

4. Cross faction queue for all warzone maps

5. Cross faction queue for all PvE group content

6. Return of Story, Hard, and Nightmare tags for difficulties


Player emmiblak says that he expects a lot, admittedly. Personally, He was thoroughly disappointed with the last two years of the game. He’d been playing relentlessly since beta, and KoTET is what finally made him choose to lapse his subscription. Unless 6.0 really blows him away with all-around great content, it is likely SWTOR won’t be his main game ever again. And He’s not saying that to sound petulant, because He knows his one subscription doesn’t matter. No, He’s saying it because it makes him sad. Truth is, He has some hellacious rose-tinted glasses on about the first three or so years of this game. It actually hurts him to have to trash this game, but he can’t ignore the truth anymore.


When you see what the players say, do you agree? What’s your expectations for the next expansion? Please leave your comments at the bottom of the essay! MmoGah is a trustworthy swtor gold website with a great reputation in the market, cheap price, fast delivery and professional service. MmoGah is a really good choice for buying swtor credits, if you need swtor gold, please come to our website and our 24/7 Live Chat will help you.


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