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SWTOR Update 5.4 Is Terrible?

Helen Keller August 25th, 2017 SWTOR    MmoGah News

SWTOR Update 5.4 has been online, and MmoGah guesses that tens of thousands of gamers have tried the Update 5.4. So what do you guys think of the new Update? Here is a player’s opinion in the following parts and he thinks the Update is terrible. Do you agree with him?


1) Umbara fp is laggy (hello, yavin 4 on release)

2) HM Umbara is overtuned and what is more important gives NO REWARD for its hardness (it will be even more dead than Bloodhunt in a few weeks or even days).

3) Dying on last boss (which is especially possible since boss summons tens of adds and its a burning phase and group focuses boss....) returns you to the start of FP .....FFS who fcking brought that brilliant idea? It would be idiotic even it was possible to run all the way back to last boss but its impossible. Is it some kind of punishment? like you killed boss but died so no loot for you? If its not intentional how did it hit live servers? Was it even tested? That's so so so soooooo stupid whatever reasons there are. Btw did they "fix" that bug when delayed release? Or was there something even worse? xD

4) Respawn place after wiping on bonus boss is also terrible, if you skip mobs on the way to bonus and die you'll respawn in the middle of pack of mobs, and it will probably be 1 man to click 1st, he'll get insta aggro and no one will help him and so on and on and on. Just like in Korriban Incursion (If you skip mobs at Temple's entrance and then die from last boss). Rocket science for Bioware to choose decent place for respawning.

5) Hiding new content (Umbara stronghold) behind weekly cap is some new level of retardness.

6) Weekly cap of new tokens that you hit after 2-3 completed fps is ridiculous. Just crazy. And 100 is max you can have? lol. BTW prices (credits) for Umbara tokens is huge. Really, 500k for chest or helm?

7) Removing isotopes from veterans (again in ninja style like they did in one of prev patches when reduced its drop rates) ....what's the point? to make crafted gear even more expensive? what goal does it serve? Or is it another "we have no idea what will get broken in the current patch and we're too afraid to test it..."

8) Return of reusables....well, cant say its bad but that inconsistency is killing. Introduce reusables - remove reusables - bring them back....next step is another removal? When will it happen so i get ready?

9) They added GF queues for Uprisings for non-subs but you cant queue them anyway, its just there 2 additional useless fields with red-lettered inaccessible shit. WTF? Oh and that golden button "please sub" stuck behind names of flashpoints\uprisings.....5-years old kid tries design and programming for the 1st time. Oh and ofc they didnt add Hard mode uprisings to GF....why bother? xD

10) Bosses in Umbara are super annoying...stun stun stun silence pushback pushback pushback. Oh and I like 1st boss assassin.... if you run from his conal pushback he will repeat the try over and over again until you get tired and let him push you back so he will chill out for some time. Disgusting idea.

11) Oh and I love that....there are 2 turrets on the train's roof just above the door to 1st pair of bosses, for some reason they have super stealth detection (makes little sense since you have to jump down anyway). If you're a stealther and will come closer to the door in stealth they will aggro and wont let you click the door, they cant hit you, you cant go back to kill them.....(hint: use \stuck and come all the way from the start again). Bioware.....


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