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SWTOR: Update 4.3-Visions in the Dark

John Ryan April 08th, 2016 SWTOR   


The new update 4.3 has been released on April 7th, and the new chapter 12 – Visions in the Dark introduces a darker, more ominous story as the Outlander’s battle intensifies both within his Alliance and the Eternal Empire itself. In this chapter, Confront Valkorion in the wilderness of Odessen as the Alliance prepares to undertake a life-and-death mission to the heart of the Eternal Empire. As a subscriber, the gamer can be free to embark on the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline beginning with Chapter 1 through Visions in the Dark. In a word, Mmogah proves that SWTOR is really worth playing, based on its so many years’ experience.

New update contents are listed in the following parts:

Ranked Warzone Arena Season 7 Releasement

Get in there and go berserk!


Odessen Proving Grounds-The New Warzone

In this new Odessen-based Warzone, you are trained with another mixed-faction Alliance team by running for control of multiple control sectors Use power ups to turn the battle in your favor.


Rishi Cove Arena – The New Warzone Arena

4v4 Death matches in both Ranked and Unranked queues are hosted in this new Warzone Arena.


New Gameplay Option

You can enjoy both PvP and PvE instances on any server, which also allow a group of guys who prefer any gameplay type to play together on the same server. You can toggle your focus through the mini-map icon.


Unlock additional Strongholds

You can now activate all 5 Strongholds for use by your Legacy.


More Flagship Decorations

There has been increasing to 300 Decorations (+50%) for starting hook count for Republic and Imperial Flagships.


Set Favorite Mounts and Vehicles

By right-clicking it or by going to the Mount or Vehicle tab in the Ability window, you can select their Favorite Mounts and Vehicles now. The “Summon Random Mount” ability will only use your Favorites once they are selected.


Bounty Contract Week Returns

Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins April 19th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends April 26th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT. Take the chance and enjoy it.

All of the contents on the top are the highlight of the new chapter 12. Of course, there are new alliance mission, new pvp challenges and new “visionary” cartel market pack, all of three also give you a new experience.

New Alliance Mission

Players will go to Yavin thanks to rumors of a Sith artifact, where the ancient Dashade warrior, Ak’ghal Usar who you can recruit as your Companion will be discovered. Free from captivity, Ak’ghal seeks vengeance against the captors who’ve nearly eliminated his species.


New PvP Challenges

You can prepare for the fight against the Eternal Empire in the newest 8v8 Odessen Proving Grounds or fight to the death in the new 4v4 Rishi Cove Arena.


New “Visionary” Cartel Market Pack

Players have the opportunity to get unique Jedi-inspired items thanks to the new “Visionary” Cartel Pack.


PS: I’d like to share a writing from a hardcore SWTOR fan with all of you guys.


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