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SWTOR: The Celebration of May the 4th

John Ryan April 29th, 2016 SWTOR   

Good News for every SWTOR players! Following some big changes in May, Bioware gives players a big surprise that they will celebrate May the 4th with a new Astromech Droid, a Speedrun through the Eternal Championship, Double XP, and more.

As a reward for SWTOR players and in celebration of Star Wars™ Day, Bioware announces to thank players for their epic loyalty with the M4-I6 Astromech Droid Mini-Pet. Inspired by the extravagant culture of Zakuul, this devoted Droid will tag along no matter where your galactic adventures take you.


All you guys can log in by May 4 to claim your Astromech Droid, and get rewarded via in-game mail on May 5.


In addition, catch up quick with two Double XP weekends – The first running May 3rd through May 10th, the second Double XP Weekend from May 27th through May 30th. Earn double the Story and Legacy Experience, as well as double the PvP Commendations and Starfighter Requisitions.


On top of that, the official is celebrating May 4th and the latest Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion with an action-packed schedule of events and promotions running throughout May. SWTOR folks, prepare your swtor gold and totally enjoy golden May. 


Story So Far Promotion: Play through the upcoming Chapter, ‘Profit and Plunder’, for your chance to receive collectible Zakuul-themed rewards. Five randomly-selected winners will be awarded with the Zakuul Knight Armor Set and Zakuul Dropship every five days, starting May 10th.


Eternal Championship Solo Speedrun: Fight your way through the new Eternal Championship challenge in the fastest time possible between May 3 and May 17. You could win a Grand Prize Trip for you and a guest to join our team in July at Star Wars™ Celebration Europe.


May is coming a few days later! Everybody, are you ready?


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