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SWTOR: Some Big Changes in May

John Ryan April 26th, 2016 SWTOR    MmoGah News

All SWTOR adventurers should be prepare yourselves well in advance, May will be a busy month. Are you ready for that? Up to now, it has been known about 3 main highlights – new chapter Profit and Plunder, new Weapon Tunings and Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on The Harbinger. More humanized and intense ideas and exciting challenge are added, SWTOR is gradually back to its positive condition, which makes tens of thousands of gamers regain confidence.

New Chapter Profit and Plunder:

A few days ago, Bioware announces that it will update the new chapter – Profit and Plunder on May 5. The new Chapter 13 will be along with a new multi – level Eternal Championship challenge that requires increasingly more courage and skill as you progress. What’s more players will face the most infamous and skilled warriors Zakuul and have a chance to gain fantastic rewards in the Eternal Championship challenge. Those who conquer all ten bosses gain the ultimate opportunity to convince the Wookiee gladiator and fan – favorite Companion, Bowdaar (Bowdaar is coming back in Eternal Championship, which definitely some guys excited), to join their Alliance.

New Weapon Tunings:

A Weapon Tunings coming with Patch4.4 has been newly added to customize your weaponry, creating a brilliant visual flair on the weapon. Weapon Tuning will allow players to add some cool looking effects to any weapons with an available Tuning Slot. Weapons that have a Tuning Slot come from many different sources including the Cartel Market, PvP, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Flashpoints, Heroics Missions, and Crafting Recipes. The first Weapon Tuning, lightning, is available in the Plunderer Pack which launches alongside Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder.


Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on the Harbinger:

The official announces: “On May 28th at 9pm Eastern and continuing until Midnight Eastern were gathering up all the premades again to fight it out in a night of no holds barred action. We invite every gamer to make a team of 4 players, get your best ships ready and queue up.”

Where: The Harbinger Server

When: May 28th

How: Duke it out by queueing a GSF team on either side.

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