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SWTOR: Pros and Cons

As a classical MMO, SWTOR always has performance issues and its graphics are outdated, so you can often hear that it’s dead. Even though SWTOR has so many shortcomings, there are still lots of loyal gamers left and new fans. Which proves that SWTOR is still worth having a try. Now, MmoGah (No.1 SWTOR Gold Selling Website) will list the pros and cons of SWTOR shared by some professionals.

Pros: It’s star wars. The vanilla story for the 8 classes (4 pub, 4 imp) ranges from good to fantastic (and there’s enough content in just that to keep you busy for a while). There’s a decent amount of post vanilla story content to keep you going again, though after Makeb, it funnels into 1 story line so there’s a bit less replay value there. In terms of end game content, there’s enough operations (raids) and flashpoints (dungeons) to keep you busy for a good while. There’s GSF which is a hate it or love it thing that gives you something else to try. The non-open world PVP is decent, but there is definitely a lot of FOTM. There are a lot of great class and content guides out there.


Cons: It can be very CPU heavy in areas with lots of people (16m ops, 8v8 pvp). They went a long time between operations to focus on story and a lot of the hardcore raiders left. There are a lot of near dead servers so if group content is your thing, you might want to go to the more populated ones. The game seems to have issues balancing story and group content (one usually suffers while they work on the other). - dawgbone98


Good: Story and characters, vanilla game in particular is wonderful on the immersion front, and a lot of the voice work is top quality.


Bad: Endgame is one huge grind, difficulty is very lowest-common-denominator, and that difficulty compounded by a lot of the combat being nothing more than annoying-yet-feeble trash that serves no purpose beyond timesink. - ValidAvailable



Story (Opinions vary but level 1 - 50 story is best story)

Subscribing once gets you all the updates/expansions up to that point even after the subscription is done (wasn’t always like this at first)



Blind-Bag Loot-Crate Microtransaction system

low player population on most servers

Raids/Flashpoints require Trinity Roles; Low-Pop = Long Queue times

Petty F2P restrictions

Can only PvP a certain amount of times per week (unless sub)

Can only do Raids a certain amount of times per week (unless sub)

Extremely low in-game currency cap (unless sub)

Gameplay is pretty boring (experiences may vary)

inventory space is limited (cough up them dollars)

You CAN alleviate many of the F2P restrictions through the in-game market but all the prices went up far beyond what the F2P credit cap can afford (Plus people rarely put them up anymore; times change from when SWTOR first went F2P) - Broly_


The Good:

Story, lot of story and it is all voiced and very unique/good | 8 individual story lines until LVL 50/Makeb, Planetary, Side stories, then SW KoTFE and KoTET story.

Lots of Lore and places to visit

Streamlined Game Mechanics, leveling system, group content etc... Easy to get into.

Some group content that is soloable

Lots of character customizations and House customization, lots of freedom (at higher level)

Collections, accessories that you can purchase to work across many characters

Standard old school MMO, based off WoW, classes have lots abilities, rotations, Tanks are not useless

Lots of end content for new player, PvE

Galactic Starfighters, if you into having dogfights with starships


The Bad:

Old engine, it’s really bad in PvP and GSF, bad performance if many people fighting (otherwise this game runs on 2 Strong cores and mobile GPU at High settings minus Shadows)

End game PvP and Group content can get pretty stale, Devs focusing on story, but for New player it will not be a problem

Player base, only roll a Ton on More Populated Servers, EU The Red Eclipse or Harbinger West USA

F2P is quite bad as a new player, I recommend getting Sub

Communication from Devs (as player who played since launch, I know a deal or two about that) They removed 8v8 Ranked PvP, still very mad about this, while lying to players and making money on Character server Transfers.

Lack of World PvP or Quality World Events - KsnNwk


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