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SWTOR Precious Cargo Pack: Now Live on the Cartel Market

The official has announced that SWTOR Precious Cargo Pack was live on the Cartel Market. MmoGah will list the details in the following parts. You can get the newest gear, tame one of Umbara’s most fearsome predators, equip a shadowy weapon customization, and more. In addition, you can rest and recharge from an epic #SummerOfSWTOR with iconic regen gadgets

Precious Cargo: New Item Pack (Tuesday, August 29)

Upgrade your gear to survive the wilds of Umbara - unlock your very own Swamp Slybex and Obsidian Mantorr beasts, equip your weapons with the Indigo Fog customization, and more. Get yours at special discount prices before Tuesday, September 5:

Precious Cargo Pack: Now 200 Cartel Coins (300 Cartel Coins before)

Hypercrate: Now 4,680 Cartel Coins (7020 Cartel Coins before)


Pocket Sarlacc: Rest & Recharge Item (Tuesday, August 29 - Tuesday, September 5) Now 2,000 Cartel Coins, 2400 Cartel Coins before


Summon one of Tatooine’s most feared creatures, the legendary Sarlacc! Recharge your health before the coming battles.


Kai Zykken’s Unparalleled Log Mount: Rest & Recharge Item (Tuesday, August 29 - Tuesday, September 5) 800 Cartel Coins


This hand-crafted, artisan-forged speeder is a miracle of modern machinery, generously distributed by one of the Outer Rim’s most enlightened philanthropists. It will literally take you anywhere your galactic adventures may lead!

--Edits by Kai Zykken


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